Travelling with a luxury companion

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Wealthy people are used to holidaying at various resorts abroad, where there is a hot climate, warm weather, sights and much more. If a businessman goes on holiday, he will probably take an escort girl as his companion.

Entrepreneurs book the best spots in the resort, rent or buy yachts to travel by sea and enjoy the atmosphere of the resort. Where to go and what places to visit with a luxury companion? - Find out the answer in our article.  

Where to go on a yacht this summer with a luxury companion?

Before going on a trip, it is worth choosing a GFE escort to have an interesting, fun and enjoyable time during the trip. In the organisation, one can choose a girl of different parameters, such as a russet girl with a lush bust or a lovely lady with blue eyes. The client can choose a companion considering his taste preferences.





Having chosen a girl in an elite escort, it is possible to go on a yacht trip to various points of the world. Wealthy businessmen most often holiday in the following cities of France:

  • Monaco. One of the best resorts in the world, where you can relax to the full. It has many hotels, a variety of attractions, delicious booze and a huge casino where you can play for money. As a rule, a yacht holiday is combined with a land holiday, as there is considerably more fun on land than on a watercraft. Every day, holidaymakers on the yacht eat restaurant meals, and a Russian escort girl tells them interesting facts about Monaco and translates foreign dialogues.
  • Cannes. One of the most favourite cities of tourists, because in this "Paradise" place can rest not only people with a fat wallet, but also ordinary people with a small budget. There are plenty of attractions within Cannes, such as the La Castre Museum, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Hope and the medieval tower. You can enjoy the view of the harbour and some of the historic sites without leaving the boat. This is convenient because you don't have to crowd the crowds to see something beautiful. A first class escort will explain the history of the historical sites, information about the city and interesting facts about Cannes.
  • St Tropez. This is one of the most interesting and famous cities in France and is renowned for its cinematic history. Many of the films about rich people or charming beauties have been filmed here. St Tropez has a temperate tropical climate, almost always clear weather, scenic views, a beautiful beach and much more. Most people feel a decade younger when they come here. That's because it's so much fun and lively. You can enjoy the delicious food made in St Tropez, sunbathe, swim in the sea and have a good time.




The above places are the most popular resorts where people have fun and enjoy their time. You won't experience any discomfort while sailing, as this boat offers all the amenities you need: a private room, a restaurant, a bathroom, sun loungers, and more. If you appreciate a comfortable holiday, a yacht trip is the best way to spend your holiday.

Going on a trip, do not forget to take a companion for a wonderful holiday, and a high-class escort agency will help you with the selection of the right candidate, which will make your holiday unforgettable and very interesting.