3 rules for gfe dating girls or how to behave on a first date?

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A man should definitely take the first step and wear a suit. At least, that is the common stereotype. But are these rules really still modern? Which rules are relevant and which ones are obsolete? Which are better for the relationship?









Rule one: After the first date a man will contact you first


After a pleasant acquaintance, it is very tempting for a woman to take the initiative. She feels brave and strong and often does not want to wait to see if he reciprocates or not. Surely these feelings are familiar to many. A small message, in which she thanks for a romantic evening or just wishes a good night, signals that something is happening. There are bound to be those who will object, arguing that men prefer to find out for themselves if they have a chance. If they don't even have to think about how to convince a woman to go on a second date, they quickly get bored. Gfe dating is a game with certain rules. And no interested man expects a woman to call. Another advantage of letting him take the lead is that he has to make an effort. Then you can be sure that he is genuinely interested. That's about as much as many people can think.







Opinion of a psychologist:

There are no strict rules for gfe dating on the first meeting. But it's true that sparks do fly when you make your intentions clear within a day or two of the first meeting. And for women, that means a lot.

According to research, more than one in two women appreciate it when a man makes the first move. And two out of three men will soon contact her if they like her. So there's no need to worry.

But what about those who are shy and insecure? And there are more of them than you think. One in two claim that the reason for the lack of a close relationship, is their indecisiveness. So some conservative gfe dating rules should be revisited from time to time. This should not be a call for women to give full throttle, turn a man into prey and start hunting. Surely that will scare some people away.

Nevertheless, nothing can be said against women showing that they liked the encounter. This may sink into the heart of a secretive man and allow for more exposure. Finally, there are many opportunities to allow for initiative.







Rule Two: Inaccessibility breeds desire


The principle is the assumption that something rare is especially desirable. We know this from ourselves: as children, we most dreamed of sweets that were hidden high up on a shelf from us. This principle states that a woman must make a man feel that she will not give up other plans for a meeting. Of course, the opposite is true with women in love. If he asks for too short a date, it's probably best to say no. But, you shouldn't artificially turn into an unavailable princess, but you shouldn't make yourself dependent, despite all the butterflies in your stomach. Fears that he might leave are unfounded if he is interested in his lady of the heart! However, only in the early stages. Anyone who has already entered into a close relationship and always emphasizes his independence becomes uninterested in a serious relationship.










Opinion of a psychologist:

If a woman or man becomes easily available, it can have any effect. Many people want to conquer and woo. This is true! We should allow it, although the old gender game may seem outdated. Today, flirting and gfe dating have become easy, playful dances with each other. Knightly conquests of the heart have become rare, so if that happens, enjoy it. With these gfe dating rules, it's important that no one gets too carried away. Those who choose the tactic of being unapproachable should also take the initiative.

In gfe dating as well as in relationships, a balanced combination of independence and affection is important. This makes us attractive and sexy.










Rule three: intimacy at the first meeting is taboo

Yes, sexual attraction is a strong feeling. When desire electrifies and the mind shuts down, almost anything can happen. So can sex on the first date. But does it decide fate, does it have to be a one-night stand? Ruined reputation? Missed a chance?

If two people find each other interesting, quick sex doesn't necessarily stop them from getting closer. In any case, there are examples of how even a passionate beginning can have a happy ending - like a happy couple. So why pay attention to the so-called "rule of three meetings," according to which you should not sleep together until the third date?










Opinion of a psychologist:

A delicate subject. It is difficult to answer, because, unfortunately, you can only answer for your own head and your own assessment. It is absolutely true that a relationship can develop after a passionate first night. But if you usually try to avoid meeting soon, and not express feelings hastily, you should consider whether the first sex can wait a little longer. Because one thing is for sure: the tension is guaranteed to rise. And it's the perfect test to see how long your partner can wait for the first night. At least this clause (the three-date rule) has proven itself.

Anyone who loses their lust because sexual compatibility can only be tested after a few meetings is not a candidate for a stable relationship.

Unfortunately, a person confident in their sexuality runs the risk of being perceived as too outspoken. Negative assessment is established automatically. If you want to protect yourself from the risk of misinterpretation and a bad experience, you should wait a bit until you get to the most intimate part.









Gfe dating rules that can be thrown overboard

As you can see, there are a wide variety of behavioral tactics and opinions. Still, you can name certain ones that are long outdated and are interpreted much more loosely these days:

  • The man pays the bill.
  • After the first date, it must be three days before you can get in touch.
  • Dates must take place on Fridays or Saturdays.

Although many are outdated, others persist. Date rules to keep in mind:

  • Good manners and judgment are timeless qualities.
  • Punctuality is important on a date.
  • A well-groomed appearance is always well received.
  • Women like gentlemen.













take a closer look at the classic rules of dating and trust your gut.

In an increasingly differentiated society, where women lead more independent and autonomous lives, traditional dating rules are increasingly put to the test. The initiative on and after a date no longer necessarily comes from the man, and the bill in a restaurant or bar can also be shared. The situation is different with abstinence from sex and deliberate restraint: Being discreet and not rushing into sex has not yet hurt a new relationship.

The following applies to all companion rules: when dating men and women, artificial behavior is not only inappropriate in the long run, but also makes you look cold and detached. Which doesn't bring you any closer at all!

In the end, the best rules for first dating should be based on your gut.

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