How and where do Russian and Ukrainian models work?

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Russia and Ukraine has some of the most beautiful girls in the world. Few European beauties can compare to Russian and Ukrainian models. Slavic looks are out of fashion and out of time. Not surprisingly, VIP escort a priori implies escort services from Russia. The geography of escort service companies is almost limitless.














Russian escort in Europe, UAE, USA and England.

  • Girls from Russia with great pleasure take in the USA. The local elite considers it an honor to appear under the arm of a Slavic beauty, especially if she speaks fluent English. Girls are invited for escorts service in New York and Miami. Mainly they are American medical centers, businessmen and famous lawyers.
  • In Europe countries of record for VIP escorts service with Russian girls are Monaco, Switzerland, France, Italy. Status gentlemen consider it a good tone to invite a Russian beauty, pay for the flight and accommodation in addition to the cost of services.
  • Girls are especially popular in the United Arab Emirates. VIP escorts in Arab sheikhs associate with Russian and Ukrainian beauties. They buy tickets, pay for accommodation, generously pay for escort services, and give gifts. Since in the United Arab Emirates, a lot of tourists from Europe and Asia, it is not difficult to find Russian or Ukrainian beauties already on the spot.
  • In England too there are no problems with Russian girls, Englishmen are generous and appreciate our girls often order separate hotels 5 star, in response from girls from escort they receive the maximum return, we advise to do the same to receive 100% emotions.
  • In Russia and Ukraine there are enough rich men who can pay for the services of elite models. Moreover, there are enough people in secular society who are ready to pay for VIP escort services. Among them are representatives of political elite, bankers, businessmen, top-managers of big firms.



There is another question, do you have money to enjoy a real Russian beauty? After all, the price for VIP escorts for girls starts at 1000 euros and there is no limit, the more famous model from Russia, the more expensive she is. But believe me, it is worth it!







And what about the girls?

For each model at the beginning of the VIP escort is the main goal, not counting the fairy tale of the white prince and a castle in a picturesque corner of the world. The girls know that rich clients are their real chance for a life free of poverty, useful acquaintances, and popularity. They are willing to meet anywhere in the world if they are well paid. No one considers it shameful to keep company with the top manager of an oil company, to brighten up a deputy's weekend or to have dinner with the owner of a chain of gas stations.

Stable high earnings, meetings in luxurious restaurants and trendy branded outfits motivate the girls to expand the sphere of VIP escort services. Almost everyone gladly agrees to offers to continue an interesting evening.


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