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If you have at home a beautiful woman, who knows how to behave in any company, without any special complexes and has a lot of free time and a desire to travel, then you are incredibly lucky. But in life, everything happens sometimes the other way around.



What are busy men to do?

Businessmen often simply do not have enough time to find a suitable candidate for a trip. And what to do in a situation when you really need a companion who can brighten up a long journey and turn it into an unforgettable one? A International escort agency Russian Escort Club can help with this, where they know a lot about the selection of suitable Russian and Ukrainian girls for trip escort.





Who works for us?

You can certainly find on your own a girl to travel, but where is the guarantee that she will endure the journey and will not be capricious at every step. It's another matter if the girls for travel are selected and prepared by experienced specialists.

Our girls know their business. It is not only the figure or the pretty face that matters. Special training plays an important role. Girls should be sociable, interesting, be able to behave at the table, in the pool, in the hotel, and at social events. Our candidates undergo a rigorous review and only the most worthy remain. Many girls participated in beauty contests and numerous photoshoots.






State your requirements precisely




International escort agency Russian Escort Club, when contacted by VIPs to organize a new acquaintance, asks to describe the parameters of the desired companion in as much detail as possible: height, west, eyes, and hair color. It is advisable to indicate the character traits, habits that you would like to see in your new friend. Undesirable characteristics of a potential travel escort model are taken into account separately. An important criterion, without which a classy trip escort is impossible, is the level of education, the sphere of interests of the applicant. This will definitely be taken into account in the work of the agency's managers.






Choose one of the girls offered



After a man personally or on the website Russian Escort Club chooses several models, the escort of which would be possible for him, the agency offers the organization of casting, and then personal meetings with applicants. A non-binding cup of coffee will help you decide if this is the girl with whom you can spend many pleasant minutes.

For VIPs, it is of great importance that a new acquaintance does not damage the reputation of a businessman or politician, so they themselves prefer not to find new friends. Those who are honored are 100% checked by the agency's managers and cannot compromise.





Why exactly our agency?

We can quickly find a girl for travel escort on individual requests. Our customers are wealthy people who know their own worth and value their time, therefore our task is to follow the requirement and offer the best candidates. Many people turn to us again before traveling, because we work professionally.