Travelling around Europe by car with Russian escorts.

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An unforgettable journey in excellent company, a bright, emotional, sensual embodiment of your fantasies, an opportunity to reacquaint yourself with yourself, to feel new, and all this in the most stunning corners of the world. To make the dream come true, surpassing all your expectations, leaving a pleasant aftertaste and an undoubted desire to plunge into a fairy tale again is the job of high class escort agency "Russian Escort Club". Our task is to choose for you the most interesting, comfortable and optimum combination: a luxurious companion and an itinerary. We offer romantic car trip on the most refined cities of Europe with the best GFE escorts. For a status man, successful and rich, there must be an outlet, something that will make you truly happy, and we will get you that welcome breath of fresh air.

Travel escort is a popular type of holiday, an opportunity to go on a trip in the company of a beautiful, sexy girl. This service is usually ordered by wealthy men wishing to make their trip abroad more enjoyable, to feel vivid emotions during the trip, to receive unforgettable impressions from Russian girls.









Russian escorts are the highlight of your trip.

 A stunning selection of the most beautiful, intelligent, educated, talented girls with a keen sense of humour and refined manners, capable of satisfying the most ornate requirements, are brought to your attention. It is worth noting that the language barrier does not mar the trip, your companion will certainly be fluent in English. In the company of a beautiful and intelligent never get bored, she will share with you all the charms of travel and become a great sexual companion, will give new vivid sensations.

 And only with us you will be guaranteed complete confidentiality, we value our reputation above all else, and sincere delight of our clients is the true value of our services for you.So, having decided on a companion, we only have to choose the route.







A spectacular journey through Europe lies ahead!

Everything here depends on your wishes, however, we value our clients time and have chosen the best solution for you: Vienna in Austria, Venice and Genoa in Italy, Monte Carlo in Monaco, Cannes and Saint-Tropez in France. Everything here is tempting, both the sights and the accommodation in the best comfortable hotels and the organization of leisure activities according to your wishes. Now for a bit of sightseeing, Vienna is a must for the Imperial Treasury Museum and Belvedere Castle, but the truly special place is St. Stephen's Cathedral.  Time stands still and the solemnity of the Cathedral is breathtaking, the interior is gorgeous and unique. Italy, if you have never been to Venice, you will be the envy of the traveller. Venice has an atmosphere of canals, bridges and gondolas never to be found anywhere else and Piazza San Marco and the Rain Palace are worth a visit. Genoa is one of Italy's oldest and most beautiful cities with so many unique architecture, museums, and monuments, and a population so hospitable and open that you'll wish you hadn't left. A country with a wealth of culture, history and amazing sights - France, its cities of Cannes and St Tropez are so inviting, so magical.  A stroll along La Croisette in Cannes, enjoying the pleasant sea breeze that was blowing in the faces of medieval sailors, is the height of bliss. When on holiday in St Tropez a visit to the old harbour is a must - the fishing boats are moored here, and the food and atmosphere encourages you to stay longer. Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world, but it is far from simple; the palaces and exquisite gardens of Monaco are mesmerizing. For the curious traveller, a visit to the Oceanographic Museum is a real treat.

 As you will notice, all of the cities we have to offer you are on the coast, and you will be booked at the best hotels with maximum comfort, excellent cuisine and perfect beaches along the way. Leave the choice of your best holiday to us, with or without your specific wishes, for those who like a pleasant surprise.

 An unforgettable time in great company is something you really deserve! And the best GFE escorts are ready to do it for you! Welcome!