Travel to Greece with Russian escorts.

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Summer 2021 is just around the corner and it’s time to think about a memorable and romantic trip. This time we want to tell you about Greece, it’s the perfect place to unwind. The country has everything you need for a relaxing holiday as well as an active one. But it is always better to be in the company of a beautiful girl. And Russian escorts will take part in a joint stay in Greece. A pleasant leisure time awaits you, during which an attractive, sexy companion accompanies you at all times.


Sun, sea and sex in Greece with Russian escorts


Sunny Greece - Mykonos.

The resort island will leave many fond memories after your visit. It is saturated with luxury, there are many villas and fashionable hotels. Sometimes Mykonos is compared to Olympus, but instead of the Greek gods famous writers, actors and athletes gather there.

There is always an air of celebration on the island. Successful people regularly return to Mykonos to enjoy themselves. The bustling social life and unspoilt nature with beautiful views can be perfectly combined here.

Although the Cyclades islands often have high mountains, Mykonos features only rocky hills that blend wonderfully with the seaside area. Visitors to the island are sure to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the area.

The buildings on the island have an interesting architecture. Walk around the narrow streets and you’ll find massive stone shops, little shops, and numerous white houses with brightly painted doors and large balconies. And the exploration is brightened up by a luxury escort in Greece, who is on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



Athens is an ancient city with great architecture and plenty of venues to suit all tastes. Athens is the largest city in the country and is home to about a third of Greece’s population (approximately one million people).

Features of the city include:

  • A large number of good cocktail bars (Gin Join, The Underdog, The Clumsies);
  • Excellent hotels with good service (Vouliagmeni Suites, Hilton Athens, St George Lycabettus);
  • Beaches of great length (Kinetta, Pahi, Kozma);
  • Pleasant dry and warm climate.

The city centre consists of old buildings and there are many cosy little cafes. And in the local ports you can rent a yacht for a big company or a few people. So a travel companion escort won’t hurt.



This is the most popular place among the Cyclades islands. The coastline is long but precipitous. Both sandy beaches and areas with pebbles are present. The town consists of a chaotic collection of small streets. The infrastructure in Santorini is excellent with many small cafes, local restaurants and nightclubs. There is also a strong surfing community. Newcomers to surfing can get some lessons from professional instructors.

The island is also famous for its wine industry. Grapes are grown here and give a unique flavour to the drink. While in Santorini you should try at least one of the local wines:

Assyrtiko. It is a dry white wine that does not require a long maturation period.

Nihteri. A white wine that needs to ripen for at least a few months to develop a deeper flavour.

Vinsanto. The most famous elite drink of Santorini. It is aged in special oak casks and then kept in bottles for decades.



This is the largest peninsula in Greece. It is divided into seven regions:

  • Argolida;
  • Arcadia;
  • Achaia;
  • Corinthia;
  • Laconia;
  • Messinia;
  • Elida.

The Peloponnese has beautiful mountain scenery and delicious local cuisine. It is a great option for a quiet escort vacation in a beautiful area. A pleasant girl will help you fully relax in a new area and spend a weekend in comfort.