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With Russian escort girls, you can go on a romantic trip to almost any country. But there is one problem. Every country has its own surprising and unique laws: in one country you can have sex on the streets, while in others it is forbidden even to buy sex toys. And so let's get to the bottom of some of the strangest laws related to intimacy. Forewarned is forearmed!

1. No sex in public places, unless...
Sex in public places is illegal almost everywhere. But your car is a public place? Yes, on rare occasions. In Michigan, a car was declared a public place because car owners disobeyed police. So, the law prohibits sex in a car, but with one caveat - sex in a car is possible if it is on the couple&'s private property.

2. Ban on vibrators!
Sometimes bans on sexual pleasure products can be predictable. If a country's state religion has a strong influence on passing laws, it's likely that toys will be banned. But the city of Sandy Springs is a strange exception. In a town where even people can come armed to the bar and church, it's impossible to buy a vibrator - it's against the law. It is also forbidden to buy such goods online. This law was signed into law in 2009 and immediately met with strong opposition from the public, because according to the people, the government has no right to interfere in personal matters of this kind.

3. Lights on
In Budapest and in Hungary, sex with lights is forbidden. The law was created with the fear that people from neighbouring houses would be able to see people having sex. However, it turns out that curtains are a good invention to avoid this law.

4. Hong Kong men don't go to other women's houses
In Hong Kong, a wife can legally kill her husband if he is caught with his mistress. True, there is one condition - no weapons can be used. Of course, such murders are rare because gathering evidence of the existence of a mistress is quite time-consuming.

5. Masturbation can also be illegal
In Indonesia, masturbation is punished with a real prison term. Rarely does someone get jailed for 32 months in such a situation, but it does happen.

6. Nudity on the screen is illegal!
In Nepal, even Bollywood films are censored to prevent the showing of nudity. The law states that films and TV series depicting sexual scenes or fully nude people cannot be shown in the country. The country also censors websites. According to the government, this is the only way to protect young people from becoming addicted to pornography.

8. Just don't get horny!
Sexual arousal is illegal in Indiana. True, only for men.
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