How do Russian escort girls differ from Western girls?

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Today we are going to deal with the topic of sexy Russian girls and their competitors from other Western countries. So anyone who thinks that comparing the nationalities of escort girls is an uninteresting, absurd exercise, please stop reading now.
Everyone else, make yourselves comfortable. Next, we're going to sort out what makes Russian hot escorts different from Western girls.



1. Who is more beautiful?

We believe that Russian escorts are the most beautiful, their charisma allows the male sex to lose their breath, they can win the best man, from any country, they love to talk openly about sex. They feel at ease in the daylight. And any self-respecting woman has different interesting toys at home. The Russian Escort girl is not very interested in the intricacies of the art of lovemaking. Having learned the basic principles, she believes that this knowledge is quite enough for her for life. And in this Russian escort girls really succeeded. Look carefully at the headlines of magazines, because everywhere in the world near the richest people you can always meet a Russian or Ukrainian model. They know that a man's only erogenous zone is the penis and for Russian escort girls this is the way to a Rich and Luxury life.

2. What sex positions do Russian and Western escorts like?

All! But more often Russian escort girls prefer the position that the Russians call lap-lock from the English Doggy-style. It's when a man works in the sweat of his face from behind, and a woman kneels and gives herself completely to her partner's will.
For a Russian girl being on her knees means to feel the superiority of a man over herself, to feel his strength and to enjoy the man's complete control over the process. This way of bedding has been formed by a Russian girl companion a long time ago. Serfdom, public corporal punishment, the cruelty of patriarchal mores accustomed women on an instinctive level obey the male passion. For some women, cruelty and suffering are the indispensable prelude to good sex. Everyone knows the famous Russian proverb: If he beats you, he loves you.
And the Western escort girls like the "missionary pose" They are used to getting the best out of everything they do. And sex is no exception. They also like the position that the Russians call lap-lock ("doggy style" in the American manner). It is no less popular "missionary."






3. Who likes to have sex longer, Russian escorts or Western ones?

There is no unequivocal answer to this question for Westerners, Russians, or any other nations. It all depends on many characteristics of escort girls: age, general fitness, health, degree of fatigue, emotional sensitivity and so on. To some, ten minutes is enough, while others adore "sexual" sprints for several hours in a row. Obviously, the younger and the more you pay a girl, the more she will thank you, so you can conclude: do not skimp on escort girls.


4. What do they like in sex?

Any "step aside" in sex is considered a welcomed debauchery and is decided upon with ease. Anal sex - yes, many Russians love it, but not all, I warn you right away, it's better to discuss this in advance.
Oral sex for a Russian girl is fantastic, an adventure permissible from erotic dreams with night butterflies. They love to suck, in the mind of a Russian girl oral sex is always associated with a festive and cheerful mood.
Group sex - they love it in Russia. It all goes back to Czarist Russia, back then landlords loved to have bathing orgies with their peasant girls, and they didn't complain much about it. But that doesn't mean that all Russian girls adore it and practice it. It's just that this type of sex is the least scorned and denied in society. Although in conversations it is often called debauchery, you should definitely have a dialogue with a Russian beauty first, and discuss all the nuances. For a Russian girl, anything that does not disturb the mental and physical well-being of the sexual partner is acceptable in sex.
Western escort girls gladly go for all sorts of experiments and carefully explore forbidden topics in the intimate spheres. The main thing is that everything should be agreed upon with the partner in advance. So that everyone, everything was agreed to and understood what awaits them. Both group sex and oral and anal are varieties of the same game that can be tried to increase the "power" of pleasure. This is bravely discussed in dating. Even dating apps like Tinder describe all the sexual preferences of the applicant. And it doesn't depend on whether a girl or a guy is looking for a partner. They don't hesitate to let it be known that they like anal play or BDSM torture. This eliminates all future misunderstandings about sex.
Sex for them is a game, the goal of which is to get maximum pleasure, while leaving their partner satisfied.
So they try with all their might to increase their enlightenment in this matter. Literature on sex techniques is very popular in Western countries. And it is read by everyone: both young and mature people.

5. Who is the boss in bed?

With Russians the king of bed, of course, is a man. He decides when to have sex, how long it lasts, and how quickly it ends. There is a possessive attitude toward the female sex, which goes back to the times of the house system and patriarchal customs. Landlords dragged packs of young peasant women to the market to sell them at a higher price. This was considered the accepted norm.
A girl who has a constant sexual partner is deprived of the possibility of other sexual relations. She becomes as if she belongs to the man, even though they have nothing in common except sex. The man looks at his partner in intimate games more as property. He believes that he has some right to her.
In Russia, men's adultery is viewed lightly. Sometimes they even envy those who are intimate with several women. For a girl, cheating is a stain on her reputation, questioning all her qualities, even those that are not directly related to her sex life. A girl who cheats on her boyfriend is immediately labeled accordingly. Society condemns her and classifies her as a lecher and harlot.
In America, the Sexual Revolution of the 70's has done its work. Women have ceased to be in the background, gained rights on a par with men.
Before sex it is customary to discuss everything in detail and plan if possible. Americans like to discuss everything that will happen before, during and after sexual play.
All ambiguities and uncertainties must be resolved before sexual intercourse begins. The Russian version of, "If a woman says no, it really means yes," will not work here.
A sexual relationship does not impose any obligations on either partner. Even after sex, both man and woman remain completely free in all respects. A girl can have several sexual partners at the same time, and a man has no right to forbid her.
If you are not engaged, you can end the relationship at any time. And emotional "showdown" and figuring out the relationship in this case is not necessary at all. You have the right at any time just break up with your partner and never appear in his life again. Here, too, plays a role in the innate practicality of Americans. Why waste time and nerves on heart-breaking scenes of separation, if everything can be finished quickly and quietly.
If you suddenly had unplanned, spontaneous sex, it does not mean anything. You do not have to explain anything to your partner, much less apologize. And he may never call you again, if he considers it unnecessary.
When the intimate happened in a guest, it is quite normal to go home after everything, rather than staying overnight. If you want to spend the night, however, this should definitely be discussed in advance.

6. Conclusions Who's Better?

We don't like to talk or, in general, to focus particularly on sex, intimacy. Everything that happens in bed, for the Russian woman belongs to the world of the mysterious subconscious. It happens suddenly, unplanned, impulsively, and does not lend itself to any mental control. Discussions about "how you like to do it" and "how things are going to go" are unacceptable, and are often considered simply indecent and useless.
For Russian girls, the environment in which passionate lovemaking happens is very important. Sometimes even getting an orgasm takes a back seat to where the privacy takes place. Russians like the forest, nature, the sea beach, lakes, rivers, meadows, fields and, of course, the hot Russian bathhouse. All these are ideal places for sex, they give the process a special "taste", a thousand times increase the power of emotions.
Sex for Russian girls is not something important. They easily have intercourse with the partner they like, but it is more difficult for them to turn everything into a serious relationship. On the other hand, in Russia, sex without love is considered something abnormal and not very decent. In society, relationships based on one sex, even if it is wild and passionate, are still condemned.
Western escort girls do not like to limit themselves in any way. Sex for them is an exciting game that has little to do with morality and love. It is one of the pleasurable ways of pastime, a kind of recreation or sport. That is why the western escorts like to discuss everything beforehand, to make a plan of actions on the paper. They try to discuss everything beforehand in order to avoid any misunderstandings or ambiguities. They are not attracted to ambiguity and obscurity.For Western escort girls there are practically no indecent or lewd types of sex. Sex is sex - one of the peculiar sports one can engage in with a partner. Anything that does not disturb your partner's pleasure and well-being is accepted in sex. But openly flaunting a sexual relationship is not always liked.
And here's our conclusion: I think that the best escorts are Russian girls, if you want to spend your weekend sensually, romance and magic world, fully use the service GFE with the maximum enjoyment in sex, order a Russian escort model, in this article we found out that they are much more sensual than the Western escort girls. Western girls don't like office romances. They don't like to cuddle, and the amount of kissing on the lips is limited to a minimum. It is normal for them not to kiss once during intercourse.
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