Top 8 things that annoy GFE girls in bed

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You have already chosen a escort GFE girl and are going on vacation for example to Dubai, we can even go straight to a luxurious hotel on the coast of Dubai with a panoramic view of the city. Where in the bedroom waiting for you the best Russian escort, in beautiful lingerie and not catchy makeup. The atmosphere in your room is conducive to intimacy, the mood is romantic, both partners are overwhelmed with passion, but ... There are things that can completely discourage the escort girls all desire to have sex.

Not every woman will dare to show her discontent to her partner, but the fact that everyone has claims is a fact. What are the things that most annoy the Russian escort girls in bed?

1. Questions immediately after sex.

"How was it?". Why this question? What answer does the man expect? It seems that he should have felt himself "how" the girl was with him, and if this did not happen, then there is no need to ask. Sometimes you get the feeling that the question here is just asking for praise.

2. Neglect of foreplay

Some men sometimes do not know what this is - foreplay. By skipping such an important stage for women as hugs, caresses and kisses, they do not give their GFE girl the opportunity to tune in to the right wave. Often from such sex a woman gets nothing but painful sensations.

3. Selfishness

There are times when it ends before it has even begun. There are men who are completely uninterested in the sensations of Russian escort models. They believe that two minutes of sex is enough to give a woman pleasure. Many have the conscience to ask: "Did you cum, dear?".

4. Lingering sex.

Also does not promise anything good. When the process lasts for a long time, you get drowsy, or your head starts to dwell on everyday problems, like what color to paint the bathroom or where to spend the weekend.

5. Silence.

There is a category of men who do not utter a word during intimacy. And GFE girl wants to listen to sweet words and compliments whispered in her ear by her loved one. She wants a man to show her his admiration, it does not matter in what way: with moans, sighs or deep breathing. The main thing is for the woman to feel that she makes love to a real person, not a robot.

6. Commands.

What kind of pleasure Russian escort girls can talk about if the man in moments of intimacy time and again allows himself an orderly tone. The commands: "Turn around", "Sit down", "Lie down like this" are only appropriate for military service. The most daring male fantasies must be expressed in a gentle way, with tenderness and love. Then the sexy escort girl, most likely, herself will not refuse to experiment and satisfy all the requests of her beloved man.

7. A man falls asleep quickly.

Perhaps the worst thing a man can do immediately after sex is to turn away and snore.

Women expect from their partners words of gratitude and admiration, many after intimacy are attracted to frankness and heartfelt conversations. But instead we have to admire his back.

8. Aggressive kissing.

Sometimes men get so hot that when they kiss, GFE girls get the feeling that the partner is going to eat her alive. Needless to say, hickeys, which then have to be disguised under all sorts of scarves and high collars. In the end, such caresses are quite painful and are capable of nullifying the whole sexual mood of Russian escort girls.