Russian Escort in French Polynesia

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Who among us has not dreamed of giving up everything and going to the escort trip to the Earthly paradise - to live there even a little, or even stay forever. No train schedules, no tight work schedules, no endless rush to endless business meetings - all this fuss seems alien and worthless here.








Paradise on Earth

The islands of French Polynesia ... Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea ... beckon with their inaccessibility and colorful pictures on advertising brochures. Everyone dreams of visiting these small picturesque islands with their own original culture, unique flora and fauna, in the middle of the majestic and beautiful Pacific Ocean.

French Polynesia is a paradise on earth, where everything is filled with happiness! Shy crabs run in the sands of the Pacific Ocean - very nimble, like hedgehogs, and always across. They do not know how to run along: their claws are so arranged. You and your beautiful Russian luxury VIP escort live in a bamboo and palm bungalow, but with all the amenities and a glass floor. At sunset, your Ukrainian girlfriend experience (GFE) escort swings your feet in the Pacific Ocean and, touching the heels of the fish, which are happy to eat bread crumbs from your hands, watch how the sky becomes the ocean, and the ocean becomes the sky.

Then you and your beautiful Russian GFE escorts climb into the bungalow, open the champagne. Overwhelmed with happiness - you fall asleep, and the ocean gently splashes under the bed. With each burst, fatigue, and everyday worries decrease, particles of stress are erased from the nervous system, and the whole past life seems unreal! And in the morning you find your breakfast strewn with flowers, crispy buns, aromatic coffee, sweet-smelling pineapples, instead of plates - palm leaves, it floats to you on a pie. And a chocolate-colored woman in starched apron hands you all this with the words: "Bonjour" ...






Why is VIP escort in French Polynesia so expensive?

Expensive is a very subjective concept. We are a VIP escort agency. Among our clients are influential and wealthy people. They don't think in these terms. They understand that the modern "escort" is beautiful in everything! She can't just look good, she looks flawless. Each of the beauties has such qualities as:

  • Erudition;
  • Knowledge of foreign languages;
  • Ability to support any conversation;
  • Interest in hobbies or sports.

This is not Julia Roberts' character in Pretty Woman, who had no idea what she was doing. Our escort models are muses, goddesses, the best ladies in French Polynesia. They know the value of their time and society.

We never give an exact figure right away, since pricing is a more serious and subtle thing. This requires an individual approach since each of our clients is a reliable and loyal friend, to whom we want to offer the best solutions and 100% return on every dollar invested.

We speak openly: escort is a business. We satisfy the requests and needs of wealthy customers, we guarantee an impeccable service, and it costs as much as they can afford if they turn to us!