Who is better: Russian blondes or brunettes?

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First of all, when choosing a luxury escort, each client relies on the appearance, who likes hot brunettes, and who is crazy about the beauty of cute blondes, and so who will you choose? In this article we will try to understand who is more beautiful, Russian blonde or brunette? Choosing a spectacular companion to accompany you to an upcoming event starts with looking at photos. In the picture you can not consider the character of the girl, assess the manner of behavior or know the intimate preferences. 









Why Russian blonde escorts are in demand 

From studies of scientists, the world's population has more than 70% dark hair, which is why blonde escorts are less common and highly sought after by men from the European part of the earth. Blondes take the prize of looks, at any event, their vibrant hair and sexiness make every man's head spin.  The beauty of blonde hair is that it is simply less common and therefore is often sought after as a gem. Russian and Ukrainian Blondes are winners of beauty contests, there is no competition, they are sexy, cute and charming and look flawless.












Should we believe the myths that blonde beauties are stupid and escort blondes are helpless dolls who prey on "fat" purses? Intellectual ability is known to have nothing to do with hair colour. So it's safe to say that girls dyed blonde are no sillier than their dark-haired counterparts. A more timid blonde will allow herself to be manipulated and will prefer submission to a man in intimacy. Such a girl is ready to fulfill the most daring desires and will gladly give her body for hard sex. She likes a strong embrace, strangulation and daring positions.










Why Russian brunette escorts are so sexy 

If blondes are cute, brunettes are hot, passionate, girls.

Besides their stunning beauty, trim body, they have great intelligence and education. Brunettes match the status of the business man.

The passionate brunette escort is very popular with alpha males. This is because the searing nature of the dark-haired girl is to the liking of a strong man. Passionate, hot, energetic - you can describe the brunette and recommend her to anyone who is in search of defiance, female power and hot unforgettable experience. Looseness girl will allow you to enjoy sexual passions in full. Lack of shyness and passivity make the brunette a restless horsewoman, eager to achieve deep ecstasy. She doesn't mind pleasing a man in any way she can.






If you compare the external beauty, each girl has its own charm, charm and attractiveness in their own way. A man should choose based on his feelings and desires.

Top Russian and Ukrainian escorts offer to get acquainted with profiles of beauties, which will become beautiful companions, regardless of hair colour. More often girls accept invitations to the following events:

  • joint holidays in hot countries;
  • visits to exhibitions, business lunches;
  • trips to cinemas, museums, city walks;
  • intimate meetings.

Depending on his needs, a man has the right to choose the girl he likes and get her interested. A generous companion enjoys great authority and makes up his own rules.

If you compare the girls who provide high-class escorts and the top positions, it is safe to say that blondes and brunettes have an equal chance. The list of the top 10 positions is split 50/50. This means that there is a lover for the shy and submissive blonde beauty and the hot and impetuous dark-haired beast.

Of course, men want the first acquaintance with a lady to leave a pleasant shiver, and fluttering butterflies in the belly indicates that the two halves are perfect for each other, like a lock and key. A soul bond is born regardless of hair colour and lasts as long as people are comfortable and feel good together.

It cannot be 100% asserted that the brunette will be the leader in the relationship and the blonde will be the submissive slave. Character is shaped by the totality of life's circumstances, so even a quiet person can be a "devil" when you need it.

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