Role-playing with Russian escorts: how to play them correctly

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If you are tired of the usual sex, we - an elite escort agency "Russian Escort Club" offer you to play role-playing with Russian escorts, foreplay is used by most couples. It helps to wind up before sex, get excited, tune in the right way. All men and women choose different options for foreplay, taking into account their own preferences and their partner's desires. In your case, we can discuss what you want from escorts, girls can buy any costume and come to the meeting. In order to enjoy role-playing, so as not to be disappointed in it, you need to adhere to some rules.


Playing before acting.


Role-playing should be initiated several hours before sex. Russian Escort Girl can text her partner that she has been a bad student, that she needs to be punished. She can mention that she wants to be seen by the sexiest doctor, which is her chosen one. All of this will help prepare mentally for the role play that will take place between the partners in the evening. It should be remembered that after such messages with the partner should behave playfully, and not load him with household chores.




You should not start a role-playing game if you are not sure what both partners want to do. You don't want to tease each other and then cancel at the last minute. 










Prepare separately from each other.


The necessary atmosphere for the role-playing game can create only the effect of surprise. It is not necessary to get ahead of the game and show your partner how you are preparing for the role play. It is only the result of your efforts that should be shown.


Play to the end


Role-playing gives the desired effect, if not to interrupt it, if all the time to be in character in the role. Otherwise, partners may not get excited. Their thoughts will be occupied by extraneous matters, which will spoil the whole atmosphere.




The script of the role-playing game should be, but this does not mean that it must be followed even in small things. At times, something may not go as planned, for example, a conversation may begin that was not foreseen. You need to have backups, ideas on how to get the dialogue back on track without spoiling the atmosphere.












Don't be great actors.


Partners will hardly praise each other for their skillful acting. It is important for both men and women to get emotion, to get excited. It is worth doing what your intuition tells you to do, act according to the situation, and not to copy actresses from the video, watched the day before.


Play your role.


The partner also needs to express himself. Do not take the initiative to lead the process. You should give a partner to show imagination, to act as it seems optimal at the moment.
















Do not undress before the time.


When there are no clothes on the partners, the role-playing game is over. It is necessary to make sure that the whole scenario is passed, that the partners did everything they wanted, that they managed to get excited. If the plan is fulfilled, you can proceed to intimacy.


Following the listed recommendations, you can get the highest pleasure from role-playing with Russian escorts. They will give you new emotions, and to order an escort just contact our manager, pre-selecting the model you want in the catalog.