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Every man sooner or later faces the problem of monotony in an intimate relationship. It should be noted that monotony can lead to very unpleasant consequences. From the fact that they do not recognize the problems in sex, it affects the male health. Intimate role-play will greatly improve your relationship with your health, as well as make your life much more interesting and enjoyable. That is why the agency "Russian Escort Club" wants to offer you escort models for role-playing.










Role play in sex has been used for a long time. Now it is much easier to create intimate role-playing scenes because sex shops sell special clothes for this purpose, making it possible to raise the quality and level of realism of intimate games.

Role-playing scenarios can be different, we want to consider the most popular of them.


1. Prostitute and Client is a rather popular role-playing game in which a partner will act as a prostitute and a client will be a partner. In this case you should buy an appropriate prostitute outfit in a sex shop, which allows you to increase the degree of realism of the situation. By the way, you can organize such a game, not only at home, but also in the car, in nature. In this case you do not need to worry about the costume; our models have everything for you.







2. Teacher and student is also a variant of sexual role-playing, where the teacher will seduce the naive schoolgirl. The partner can be dressed in a sexy school uniform. She may be wearing white socks and bows. The whole schoolgirl outfit is sold in a sex shop.


3. Doctor and patient is no less famous role-playing scenario than the previous ones. Sexy white gown and other attributes of a nurse or doctor you will also find in a sex shop to make intimate role-play interesting, realistic and insanely enjoyable.









4. The maid and the master are classics in role-playing games. Intimate stores now sell very beautiful, sexy maid outfits that will not leave your young man indifferent. The situation can be made up based on your fantasies and those of your partner.


5. Policeman and lawbreaker is also a good option for role-playing. You can buy our or American police officer or policewoman uniform so that the role play will bring you a lot of pleasure.

Sex role-playing is a real opportunity to make your life colorful and successful, it is advised by sexologists and psychologists. Buy the appropriate role-playing outfits in a sex shop, now you can do it online with delivery, well, the escort models you can order on our website and it does not matter what country you are in, study the travel section. Russian escorts girls will fly to any country wherever you are and spend your best weekend with role-play as you want.