What mistakes men make in relationship?

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In addition to the fact that in our escort agency you can order girls, we would like to take this opportunity to advise you how not to destroy the relationship with your girlfriend or wife. So here are 7 tips on how not to do it:

It is important for a representative of the stronger sex to understand that his woman is fully satisfied with her sexual life. And for the man himself, sex has long been not only the satisfaction of physiological needs, but also moral pleasure - for example, from the praise of the partner or from her regular desire. Unfortunately, many men make fatal mistakes in bed, which lead to the fact that intimate life becomes worse, and later disappear altogether. So how to avoid such mistakes, and what is the reason why a woman remains dissatisfied with the behavior of her lover in bed?




1. Attention

In the evening a tired man comes from work, and, of course, deals with his affairs - he needs to have dinner, go to the shower and have a good rest. After that, already in bed, a man begins to pester his own spouse. It would seem that sex is the perfect end to such a cozy evening, but the woman, without explaining the reasons, refuses his beloved in intimacy.

Most often, the man hears the refusal when, during the evening at home with his wife, he did not show her enough attention, not talking to her, did not ask about her affairs and not praise her for any perfect deeds. Of course, in the woman's mind there is confusion - "Why should I enter into intimacy with him if during the whole evening he never paid attention to me?

Any representative of the fair sex, even if she has been married for decades, needs affection, care and love, and only in the presence of these factors she will try to please her beloved not only with a delicious dinner, but also with a pleasant ending to the day in bed.

2. Atmosphere.

Another common mistake many men make is showing sexual desire in the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course, in the early stages of the relationship suddenly flashed attraction will please and lover, but, after a few years of life together, passion subsides, and for the emergence of desire in women need to create a suitable environment. For example, do not hit on his spouse at a time when she is very busy with household chores and has nothing to do. Or, if the spouse just came home after a hard day at work or at the cottage - the woman obviously needs to rest.

The atmosphere for sex should be relaxing and disposing, and only in this way will it be possible to keep sex in a family relationship.

3. Straight to the point

Men rarely have long foreplay, especially if we are talking about a long or family relationship. Sexual attraction provokes the desire to get down to business as quickly as possible, but the woman may not be ready for such a turn of events, both psychologically and physically. Sexual intercourse in this way may lead not only to the woman not enjoying herself, but also to the man hurting his lover.

4. Selfishness

The strong sex, especially in a state of intense arousal, often forgets how important it is to pay attention to the feelings and desires of his partner. Many guys during sex think only about themselves, so they strive to reach orgasm, not noticing that their beloved is not satisfied.

It is important to learn how to respond to the desires of his woman, to come to a compromise in a timely manner, to focus on making love together, not just on their own satisfaction. Often women, noticing that their partner only cares about themselves in sex, simply stop engaging in intimacy.

5. Caress

It is not uncommon for a man, having received long-awaited satisfaction, to turn away and fall asleep. In such a situation, a woman may feel used, and such behavior is often the cause of serious family conflicts. It is important for a man to learn to give time to his beloved after sex, to say affectionate words to her.

6. Silence

Sex does not always go smoothly, but it is difficult for men to talk about their own failures or why the process was so quick this time. It's important to learn how to talk to a woman, discuss your own feelings and solve problems together. Women tend to be sympathetic to these situations, so they try to solve the problem by trial and error.


Of course, a man wants to diversify their sex life, so often in coitus he may perform acts that disgust his partner. Before each experiment of this kind is important to clarify the consent of his woman, otherwise the man risks missing the sex.

With the right approach a woman will agree to satisfy any desire of her lover, the main thing is to present your desire correctly and cause a similar desire in his woman.

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