Sexy style: What should be the ideal client for a best GFE escort?

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There is an opinion that a man's behavior in bed changes with age. Young guys, who have not yet had time to learn all the delights of sex, will be happy to have intercourse with any lady. They will like almost anything. Middle-aged and mature men are considered sophisticated, they will be much more difficult to satisfy. This is not to say that such a version is wrong.

But not only the age should be taken into account when characterizing a man in bed. Behavior during intercourse depends on his sexual style. And there are several of them.


During sex, a young man with this style will try to get as close to his partner as possible, to start feeling her. To do this, he will strive to move with her in tact, breathe in sync. During sex with such a guy it is necessary to concentrate on the process, to put aside all extraneous thoughts in order to enter into contact with him.


A man of this type will be aroused by his emotions, not by any external factors. A spirited young man will make sure that his GFE girl is satisfied in the first place. The lady should take advantage of this, manage the process. To reciprocate such a guy, to give pleasure to him, it is necessary just to embrace him, to show tenderness during the intercourse.

Porn star

Such a man wants to prove to his beloved, that he is not worse than the actors who star in erotic videos, movies. The behavior of a porn star can be artificial, unnatural, but it will not affect the quality of sex. It's only important for a lady to play along somewhere with a man, to show her own artistry.

The Thinker

Everything depends on such a man before, during and after sex. GFE girl should find an approach to such a guy, learn how to control his thoughts, to make him distract from the pressing problems and focus on intimacy. Only then will the thinker get aroused and give pleasure to his partner. If a lady lets everything go on its own, she will not have intimacy with such a man at all, as he will withdraw into his thoughts.


This type of man will pay more attention to the mental state of escort girls, he needs to tell about his dreams, about his sexual fantasies. A lady should be frank with the listener, if he feels sincerity, he will realize everything that was voiced to him. Quality sex can be made by moaning, sighing or whispering something in your partner's ear.


Intimacy with a man in this category will be based on mutual exchange. A young man will do everything to make the girl feel good, to give her an orgasm. But after that, he will certainly demand to thank him for his efforts, to make sure that the real pleasure was his. A girl, if she wants a relationship with such a young man, should accept these rules.


A guy of this type will try every position he finds out about. It is not that important to him whether he gets pleasure or not. He needs variety, a sense of novelty. To make a long intimate relationship with such a man possible, a girl should come up with something new all the time, to take the initiative, to fantasize. A guy will certainly appreciate it.


This man differs from the experimenter in that he is ready to go beyond, to expand the limits of sexuality. Savage will practice extreme sex, will not be ashamed or embarrassed of anything. To make intimacy with such a man possible, the lady needs to be prepared to have sex in rather aggressive positions, of which she had not previously guessed existed.

It should be remembered that several styles can be mixed in one man. At some moments he will behave aggressively. And at other times, he may become gentle and affectionate. GFE girl should be flexible, adapt to her lover. That way, she will always enjoy sex.