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For a long time no one is embarrassed that it is possible to get acquainted on the Internet. Not only that, after such a GFE acquaintance it is quite possible to have a family and live happily ever after. But not always everything is so great and cloudless. What should be paid attention to those who are hoping to find a life partner in virtual space, and do not want to run into a scammer or a person who has serious mental problems.


1) Pay attention to the pace of your communication. If on the second day of GFE Dating your interlocutor starts talking to you about a serious relationship, love and making plans for your life together, you should be suspicious. What life together? You don't even know if he is interesting to you as a person, if you are ready to accept his shortcomings (and how can you know this if you have no idea about his shortcomings). You haven't seen him or her in person. You won't argue that there are some people who, when you meet them in person, don't dislike them in any way you can explain. It is unlikely you will build a family life with such a person. If you heard a proposal to marry in the first lines of messages, do not rush to rejoice, it's time to be wary. This is equivalent to going out and asking the first person you meet to be your husband or wife. You wouldn't do that, would you?


2) You realize that your conversation is moving toward money. Either he/she wants to ask you for money, or, on the contrary, to offer. Perhaps, once you have realized this, it is better if your communication stops. This person is in all probability a cheater, who is trying to press on your humanity, your maternal/fatherly feelings, your pity. As well as offering to give you the treasure chest for safekeeping is a fraud. Subsequently, you will have to pay for the shipping of the chest and any taxes and duties. In the end, of course, you will not receive any chests. Did you really believe in the existence of mailed treasure from a stranger?


3) The interlocutor starts persistently complimenting you. You know that you are obviously overweight, and they write to you that you are a slim doe. The person simply writes that to everyone with whom he or she communicates. And he doesn't care who he communicates with financially. You have to wonder if he sees you. Clearly, people have different tastes and preferences. But a man who really prefers pudgy women is unlikely to tell his lady about slimness.


4) Don't hesitate to "Google" some of your new acquaintance's posts. It is possible that you will find them, and to them a lot of interesting stories of his previous acquaintances. With such a person, of course, there is no point in communicating.


5) Pay attention to the photo of your interlocutor. If it is a photo, obviously heavily processed, with a small face that is impossible to see, a photo on the background of an expensive car, the photo at the desk, a photo near the fireplace, most likely it is not his photo. Such photos are calculated on the location of the interlocutor (the fireplace is associated with warmth, a desk - with seriousness and independence, an expensive car - with affluence). You can try to upload your contact's photo to any search engine. It may turn out that your new acquaintance is not at all what he says he is. In any case, you can check.


6) Should be alert if the interlocutor asks you for your address in order to send you a gift. First of all, it makes sense to check the message about the gift on Google. Perhaps you are not the first one he offers gifts. And you might want to consider giving your personal information to a total stranger.


7) You don't have to be too frank. It's simple. In a burst of excitement, you tell the person everything about yourself in your first messages. He, if he is a scammer, will then use this information in further communication, giving the impression that he is the perfect companion for you. And you will marvel at how he manages to feel you so well, without you remembering at all that you gave him all the cards in the beginning of your communication yourself.


8) Don't pry anything out of him. Communicate simply. As acquaintances or as friends. Discuss non-binding things like books, shows, movies, weather, trips. Try to understand to what extent you have the same views on the fundamental for you things: having children, political or religious preferences, housekeeping and others. In the beginning, it's fine to figure all of this out, whereas later the person may try to adjust to you.

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