How to be the perfect lover? Tips from elite escorts.

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So you have already taken an elite escort model on a trip and it's time to show yourself, a real man. That would get 100% of the emotions during the time spent with the elite girls, you need to be an ideal lover, and then you can achieve mind-blowing sex and sheer pleasure as for the girls and for yourself. Would you like it to be the same? Here are some helpful tips from Elite Escort Girls:

Russian girls don't really like to repeat in practice the plots from "strawberry". Experienced lovers can only use adult films as a warm-up. They offer the viewer only a pretty picture, which is not always the same as reality. Some of the poses presented in the film may not actually give the partner such vivid pleasure. In them, a man's penis simply cannot reach the very sensitive points that will bring your partner to orgasm. Plus, it's not exactly safe. In erotic films, the intercourse lasts a very long time, which greatly distorts reality. Anal sex without a long preparation at all can lead to trauma. Women advise their partners to talk more about sexual topics in order to get to know each other's intimate preferences better.

Don't forget to warm up.

Before intercourse, a couple needs to warm up well. Foreplay is a must before sex. Remember that elite escort girls need more time to warm up. The foreplay should not be limited to caressing the breasts and vagina. A woman's body holds a huge number of erogenous zones. Feel free to "go on a journey" and the result will not be long in coming.

A huge penis is not a shortcut to success. Men mistakenly believe that a huge penis will necessarily bring a woman to orgasm. Elite escort girls advise to use not only the penis, but also their hands, tongue and lips. Over 80% of women absolutely do not care about the size of your penis. Knowing how to use all your skills properly is the main secret. Start experimenting, and the Russian beauty is sure to respond to your caresses.

Monotony is the main enemy of sex.

If you used to like only one or two positions, then over time, wild sex will come to naught at all.

To make your holiday last as interesting and hotter as possible, constantly surprise elite escort girl - live out new fantasies, make love in unusual places, change positions, buy intimate toys or lingerie.

Talk in bed.

Women love with their ears, so don't be silent during intercourse. Women believe that during sex, it's the man's job to compliment and flirt. It is better if partners do not hesitate to share their intimate fantasies with each other. This will help to get closer and take sex to the next level.