Why young girls choose to work as escorts in Moscow?

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The largest and most brilliant city in Russia is Moscow. And of course in every way it deserves to be called the capital. Business men live here and girls from all over the country come here in search of their prince on a white horse. Moscow never sleeps, they work from morning till late night and then party till morning. That is why the elite escort agency "Russian Escort Club" is based in this city. We are glad to offer you the luxury companion for any event, business escort, obnoxious party or romantic dinner. But first let's find out why young girls aspire to Moscow and choose to work as escorts.


Many come to Moscow from different regions of Russia in search of a better life. Young girls often enroll in the capital's educational institutions or simply come in search of a high-paying job. The competition in the labor market is quite high, and not everyone manages to get a position with high pay. It is especially difficult to combine part-time work with studies; the rigid schedule takes a lot of physical strength and exhausts you emotionally.

Female students often try to work as couriers, sales assistants, waitresses, but such activities do not leave much time for fun and enjoyment of life. Many ladies of the fair sex, after unsuccessful searches for part-time work decide to go into an elite escort in Moscow, this work suits the beautiful, educated and intelligent girls. Escort models usually accompany rich and influential men at business meetings, events, and trips. They attend expensive restaurants and nightclubs, parties and social receptions, as well as travel abroad. Charming girlfriend supports the image of the businessman, gives him confidence, is an assistant and "ornament".

The luxury companion has the opportunity to see the world, to make new and interesting acquaintances, to gain language experience in communication with foreigners. After all, she can often act as an interpreter at international business meetings. Student escorts are especially popular, because at a young age everyone wants to see as much as possible, to visit interesting places. Not everyone is ready to spend their life for sitting in classes and cramming subjects, they want to have a rest too. And a pleasant pastime with an adult well-to-do man will open up a world of possibilities and entertainment.





What are the advantages of Moscow escorts?

Those girls who get into the best escort service in Moscow can take everything from life. They are dignified and well-groomed; they know how to behave in high society. The luxury companions do not differ from business ladies or representatives of the capital's beau monde:

  • Wear brand clothes;
  • Have good manners;
  • intellectually developed;
  • polite;
  • go to the gym regularly;
  • swim;
  • visit a beautician;
  • travel the world.












The luxury russian escorts are pleasant and sexy companions with whom respectable men attend events. They do not look like prostitutes at all, although it is not uncommon for intimate contact to occur between the client and the girl. It is not necessarily sex in the classical sense. Girls can dance a striptease, take a bath with their companion, perform a relaxing or erotic massage. All this happens in an atmosphere of complete trust, clients faithfully comply with the terms of the contract, so the timely payment of services.

In addition to regular payments, girls often receive expensive gifts, because men know how to express gratitude for a pleasant time. In addition, they can regularly delight their subscribers with new and interesting photos. Russian escorts have the opportunity to visit different countries, sunbathe on the seashore at any time of the year, eat delicacies and enjoy good wine.

Girls do not need to search for clients, they just fill out a questionnaire and give it to a representative of the escort agency. Men in search of a companion study their data and make a choice. The main parameters are:

  • age;
  • height;
  • weight;
  • bust size.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages
  • Availability of foreign visas










When young escort girls start working, they are afraid that someone will find out about the way they earn money. Not all female students can buy themselves expensive clothes or good cosmetics, so acquaintances may have questions about the way they earn money. In the capital, no one close to her friends and acquaintances will know where such a young person gets funds for a beautiful life. Financial well-being can be explained by the presence of a generous admirer. And this is partly true, because sometimes the relationship is taken to the next level. Interesting, well-groomed, intelligent girls just can't help but like them.

A young woman has an opportunity to quickly accumulate the necessary capital and open her own business, such as a beauty salon. Some then give up the financial boost and leave escorts, but many continue to work because this activity brings real pleasure.









How is the selection for work in the elite escort agency "Russian Escort Club"

Business men want to see beautiful, educated, sexy and spectacular ladies next to them. Therefore, not everyone can work in this field, but only those who pass the interview. Most often, Russian escorts come to work with girls aged 18-27 years. There are certain requirements for girls, which it is desirable to meet:

  • Be beautiful, and maintain their beauty;
  • be able to hold a conversation;
  • know the rules of etiquette;
  • dress tastefully;
  • speak foreign languages;
  • be ready for new acquaintances;
  • not to shut oneself in;
  • smile a lot;
  • behave politely in society.

Our escort-agency is very sensitive to the selection of candidates, we call the girls on video, or hold a live casting, where we see all the nuances. The main rule of expensive escort service is quality since the client shall be satisfied with the service.