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Modern successful man knows a lot about the best. If it’s work, then it’s fun, if is’s business, it is profitable, if it’s leisure, it is elite, if it’s a girl – it is real beauty!

Models from the catwalks and magazine covers are a reality for them. Their beauty, youth, stylish appearance, the ability to satisfy the needs of their companion, refined communication - all this we offer in our VIP escort Moscow!


Best girls for private events

Closed events are an important part of the life of any wealthy and successful man. On them there are useful and interesting acquaintances, the exchange of experience. There a man demonstrates his status, and sweet girls next to him are a “litmus test” of success! They must be impeccable, period!

If a beautiful escort models is nearby, this is a confirmation of a high position. Immediately debunk the myth that TOP models are “dummies”. Our escort agency Moscow closed catalog of girls-models gathered the most beautiful women.






Each profile of VIP girls Moscow proves:

  • They are smart, often have several higher educations, therefore they will be able to perfectly decorate any event, even the most exclusive one marked “VIP”.
  • Impeccable appearance. It is not only a matter of natural beauty, but also of taking care of oneself, the ability to show up, to look truly rich!
  • Knowledge of foreign languages. The beautiful lady was created for travel, and any trip expands her vocabulary, opens up new facets of the world!
  • Knowledge of etiquette and rules of communication in the world of elite. The model for the event will win the hearts of everyone around, she will become the highlight of the evening, as she always knows how to be appropriate. Next to such a woman a man is also transformed.




VIP escort is an art. This is the best way for an alpha male to demonstrate how high his position is, that he can access all the benefits of this world, even girls like VIP escort porno or two girl escort!


Moscow escort agency allows you to find companions for all types of events for status men: evenings in high society, visiting theaters and exhibitions, dinners, business meetings, hangouts with friends. The agency offers escort of a new generation, as only true ladies with impeccable reputation get into the model catalog. All photos are live. Behind them lies not only an ideal profile, a magical look, a slender body, but also a beautiful inner world. Sometimes escorting men in the company of an escort model becomes the "key" to high society. There are their own rules of the game, and our girls know them very well. We open the doors to the world of Queens, and only Kings can be next to them!