Why do men like to dominate Russian escorts?

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Intimacy and its quality are very important in order for a relationship with Russian escorts to develop harmoniously. Partners talk about what they like in bed and what they would like to give up. Such revelations allow finding the best positions for sex and starting to fully meet the needs of a client and a girl.

It is noteworthy that in most cases the male dominates in sex. It should be noted that members of the stronger sex like this choice. There are several reasons for this.

Bad boy

Men like to feel brutal. If a guy will dominate in bed, he will feel his power, he will have confidence in himself, in his abilities. He will be the one setting the pace, controlling the whole process. When a guy will have this power in his hands, he will feel like a bad boy, which girls are known to love, because it is from strong young men that healthy children are born.



Introduce variety

If you don't bring variety to your intimate life, you can get bored. If a man dominates, he will be able to take the initiative, start moving fast, make the process quite tough. The escort model will react quickly to the guy's actions and will begin to adjust to him even if the type of sex he has chosen is not to her liking. Such experiments will positively affect the relationship and bring something completely new to it.


Currently, women have become independent, and young men want to compensate for this, to become more important to women at least in something. They choose the most accessible thing they can - sex. It should be noted that the ladies who have achieved a lot in life, do not resist it: they get tired of being strong, so they gladly agree to obey a man, to give him the opportunity to decide everything in bed, to control everything.




Compensate for the lack of experience

Men don't like to show escort girls that they have little sexual experience. They try to hide it by all means. First they watch movies with intimate scenes and see how the male dominates. They think that this is the only way they should behave in bed in order to satisfy a lady. Guys start repeating all this, taking a dominant position. In some cases this works: they manage to convince the lady that they are quite experienced, and their self-esteem goes up as a result. But there are young ladies who notice the catch, smile inwardly, and laugh at his behaviour.

Have fun

It has already been mentioned that it is inherent in nature that a man should be superior to a lady, should dominate her. If partners keep this in mind when they are in bed, they will enjoy the process as it will be natural and allow them to relax and let their feelings flow.

At some point you should also experiment and let the girl be the boss in bed. But it should not be a constant practice, so as not to go against your instincts, go against nature and deprive yourself of the opportunity to enjoy intimacy.