How to make love with a GFE girl?

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First of all, I'll let you in on a little secret. You're a man, and GFE girls don't see sex the same way you do! Does that sound silly? Did you already know that?

But then why do most men make the same mistake of focusing on the outcome? We are action oriented by nature. The problem is that we're only interested in the end result. Have I satisfied her? Is my penis long enough?


In men's minds, lovemaking usually involves four stages.

  • Getting undressed and doing a few quick touches as foreplay.
  • The beginning of intercourse itself.
  • Reaching a personal orgasm (and thus forgetting about your partner).
  • That's it. Time for a cigarette!


Did your GFE girl enjoy it? Many girls feel empty, unsatisfied and even disappointed after sex.

For a girl GFE, you see, it is not important whether she reaches orgasm or not.

What matters is the 'journey', not the destination. They love the process itself. It is present from the beginning of foreplay and every second of sex until you cum.


Let your partner take over.

Here's one of the most effective "tricks" to make sex truly collaborative and enjoyable for both parties.

When you have created sexual tension between you (especially with foreplay), let her know that it's time to act on her desires.


Slowly guide her hand towards the sensitive parts of your body that you want to stimulate and never hide the pleasure you get from doing so.

Let your girl feel that she is partly in control - this is very arousing.


Now she knows she can change the situation when she wants to. An informal bond of trust is established. This is very arousing for the girls. But for this to work properly, you must not sit idly by! Keep running your hands over her body and showing your desire.


Live in the moment, gentlemen! Leave your achievement at the office. It won't come in handy when you're in contact with your partner! What is expected of you is not a race against time. Take your time and be gentle.

During lovemaking, it's important not to think about when intercourse will end and to focus on the pleasure you are experiencing and giving.

You will quickly see a difference in the sensations! Think about her more than yourself. Try to pick up on the signals she gives to indirectly show that she likes what you're doing.

Feel free to rely on your sensuality to create sexual tension to make sex more passionate from the start. Allow yourself passionate kissing and caressing of erogenous zones such as the neck, ears, back of the knees, genitals or breasts.


Sex is stimulating not only physically, but also psychologically. So you need to understand that the key to "good sex" is to take note of your partner's desires and literally give yourself to her.


Focus on her body movements and her light moans.

When your partner feels the focus shift to her, you will be able to focus on your own pleasure and find that even your own orgasm will give her much more pleasure than before!

Now that I have told you the 3 truths you need to know to make love well



Read the following carefully.


Don't get hung up on the orgasm or the end result . Don't believe that women absolutely and constantly want to reach orgasm.

I'd be lying if I said they don't care, but they care more about the time you spend together.

When you make love, it's your time together and no one else's!

When you make love, you belong to her and she belongs to you. You are one and this moment should not be neglected, it is not always associated with orgasm.

It's true, achieving an orgasm is always a good thing, but lovemaking can be just as awesome without achieving one.

I imagine you wrinkle your nose, but trust me, lovemaking isn't all about orgasms!

It's important to be on the same page. Some girls like to be dominated, others prefer to be dominated by their man, but there is often a mixture of both (thankfully).


Ultimately, you both need to enjoy yourselves.

Remember that sex is first and foremost a moment of shared pastime. Don't forget, it may not always be the best sex of your life.


Sex is a time to "let go" of yourself!

You should feel completely comfortable, relax and focus on this intimate moment. Sex is also a way of communicating, and not just through words. Pay attention to body signals, breathing and moaning.

On the other hand, remember that not all GFE girls are the same, and so sometimes you will do something that will drive one girl crazy but not another.


Never mix GFE girls or sex techniques as they differ from girl to girl and situation to situation.

These experiments can include using sex toys, watching erotic and, why not, pornographic films together and even role-playing.

And this is just one of the many reasons why you should have sex every day.


Those who have a fulfilling sex life are less likely to be stressed and less likely to suffer from depression. Sex can also greatly improve your relationship by limiting the impact of everyday problems.


It's important to note that sex is also a great way to burn calories. What better way to burn calories and lose weight than minutes spent with the person you love?



If you are not in a relationship, having sex every day is the best idea. Simply because with escort agencies you can change your sex partner every day. 


In conclusion, having sex every day is a good idea and if you do it with different GFE escort girls, and in this way you develop your love feelings, style, passion.


Knowing how to behave with your partner will allow you to develop or work on the following qualities.

  •  charisma. A man who knows how to behave in bed has a good image with his partner, reinforcing his masculinity and position as a dominant male

  • Self-confidence. Sexual intercourse always includes the concept of anticipation. Knowing the secrets of sex will allow you to move into a familiar world where indecision will give way to shared pleasure.


  • Establishing a relationship. Whether it's a one-night stand or a stable relationship, sex is an exchange of emotions and an important step in your adult life. It's often said that a couple is built under the bed, but even if it's not, sexuality remains an important element of a love life. This aspect should not be neglected.