What should the ideal client for the luxury companion look like?

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As we know, "many expensive clients prefer Russian blondes. As well as mulatto, exotic-looking girls, girls in mini, copies of Angelina Jolie - stereotypes reign in intimate preferences. With the luxury companion it is the same: the majority wants to "taste" this or that type of man. Let us note the most popular, those who are in the "top" of the rating with the Russian and Ukrainian girls from our escort agency "Russian Escort Club".


To humiliate a "bad boy" or to communicate "let him teach me a bad lesson" is a cherished dream of many a luxury companion. Most likely, it happens unconsciously, because a banal instinct of self-preservation dictates to stay away from such exemplars.

What to count on: with a great share of probability you can predict a huge palette of feelings and a valuable life experience. Bad guys are relaxed, indefatigable, capable of fulfilling the most audacious and hidden lady's dreams. It will be sudden, rough, fast, sensual, at inopportune times and with no human conditions at all. Unforgettable.

Young Angel.

Maybe not an angel, but certainly young and extremely inexperienced. It's a particular delight to seduce an innocent boy, and besides, they're desperate to be seduced themselves. Whole herds of them live on dating sites, shamelessly overstating their age, sending tempting offers to girls over 30: "Let's meet. You'll love it!".

What to count on: if you allow yourself a spicy hobby, you will feel like a liberated courtesan, who writes "a ticket to life" to an unsophisticated creature. It's nice, flattering, makes you keep yourself toned, go to the gym and not eat at night. And without that you will lose weight: the indomitable fervor of adolescence will provide tremendous physical activity.

What to watch out for: Before the "devil walks over you," remember Samantha Jones from Sex and the City. Do you remember what the heroine suffered from the 20-year-old namesake? Unexpected visits, a barrage of calls, tantrums, God forbid, more in love, and cripple the life of a young man would not want to. Among other things, you will be the heroine of the discussions: men are afraid to brag about their exploits in bed, and the young and the foolish are ready to tell the whole neighborhood, is it worth risking your reputation?

It's a delicate nature.

He's a poet, he's a creative person. Such men do not just provide bedtime bliss, which, by the way, can be quite mediocre. They give a storm of emotions, even dropped handkerchief is presented as if throwing the whole world at your feet. It's not the intimacy process that's fascinating, but everything before and after: the courtship, poems, confessions, his suffering and your role as the holy savior.

Such men have a talent to take out the soul and deprive the mental stability, weary not from the caresses, but from the torments of the unrecognized genius. But to be his muse for a little while is sweet!

What to expect: the calls, flowers, poems, "a riot of feelings and the flood of eyes. There will be dizziness from kissing, and the earth will go out from under his feet from the sound of his voice, against which sex will seem the best of life.

What to Beware of: Beware of the illusion of "this is the best thing that ever happened to me. Since poets and creative people are unstable and fickle creatures, like draughts. Beware of falling in love or being in love, because it's so easy to get carried away by the fog and moonlight. He will make you feel like a real Woman. But he himself will never cope with the role of a true Man. In short, be afraid of disappointment.

The Seducer.

Oh, the most desirable and dangerous type for the luxury companion. Here it's simple. If the seducer (or collector) is a beginner or self-proclaimed - it's comical, have fun. If a born and experienced one, relax, you're doomed. The novice collector learns the luxury companion, to draw a star on the fuselage and "get his hand on it. True - for pleasure, beyond his own will and mind, it's like breathing. Of course, you would want to be in the arms of a pro.

What to count on: the subtle play, the lace of love, where every gesture of your resistance will be followed by an exquisite counterargument. Count on gentle courtship, an abundance of attention, subtle caresses. You will be instilled with value, uniqueness, fatality - anything you clearly or implicitly desire. Sex, most likely, will be at the highest level, but even this is not the main thing, the entourage itself will make your head spin.