4 tips to truly be a fantastic escort and get men to like you.

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Gone are the days when it was thought that a woman who dominates in bed is the owner of bad manners, bad upbringing. Modern men are thrilled with fantasy escorts who can and love to "be on top" during intercourse. They are attracted by the opportunity to rest, gain strength to satisfy their partner further. This position also gives the lady something: she can control the process herself, change the tempo, the depth of penetration.

But not all representatives of the female sex like the cowgirl pose, even taking into account its advantages. The problem is that ladies do not always know how to have sex properly, taking the top position. But there is nothing difficult about it. A girl will manage to feel comfortable, and be truly fantasy escorts and being on top, if she knows some rules.

The use of pillows

If a girl's legs are not very strong, then in the horsewoman position she naturally will not be comfortable: fatigue will pick up in a few minutes after the start of intercourse. To reduce the intensity of painful sensations, to prevent rapid fatigue, it is necessary to put under the knees rigid pillows. This will reduce the load on the legs, allowing you to concentrate on the sensations, not on the discomfort.




This does not mean that you have to stop the intercourse. You just need to change the pose, while remaining on your partner. You can tilt your body forward slightly, spreading your legs apart. You can put a pillow under your partner's thighs. All this will reduce the strain and allow holding on much longer. If there is no strength left at all, the man can help: he should begin to move his hips.

Looking for alternatives

The cowgirl pose can be replaced with something similar. The ideal option would be the lotus pose. The partners should position themselves facing each other, the lady should be on top. On the inhale she should sway back, and on the exhale she should make a forward movement. This position is ideal if the man and woman do not plan to have quick sex, but want to stretch the pleasure for a longer period.

Warm up

If several laps are planned, it is necessary to start with warming up, in order to excite the man as much as possible. To do this, a girl can sit down not facing a man, but with her back to him, start moving just as she does in the classic cowgirl position. So the partner will see her in a favorable angle, and this will allow him to get very excited. The lady will also benefit: her genitals will be well stimulated and she will be able to reach orgasm.

If the girl will follow the listed recommendations, she will learn to enjoy being in the cowgirl position, sex classes will bring her pleasure. And the man will certainly appreciate her efforts, will want to reciprocate her.