Sexual antics and hot games with elite escorts.

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How to get aroused even before sex begins? And how to play to experience an orgasm? Then it remains for the partners to indulge themselves in great sexual games. If you start to play and break the rules of the game, you will really get aroused. And you just need it to achieve the desired orgasm in full sex. And most importantly, the russian girl will be delighted with this game. What sex games are worth playing with elite escorts?

1. Sex fight.

This will be a real fight without rules, and the defeated and the conqueror at the same time gets a hot dose of sexual pleasures. But before the game, you need to think of the cherished stop word that will stop the game at the right moment, when you feel uncomfortable. The goal of the game is to put the escorts on his back by various means, not to let her get up and penetrate into his most secret places. And the instrument of penetration may be the lips, tongue, fingers, genitals, and whatever else the partners come up with.

In the game you need to completely disarm the girl escorts - kiss and caress him almost to the point of exhaustion. A man is characteristic of being the leader, so elite escorts he will try to put her down on the couch, and immediately possess her. Passion will glow in the game to such a limit that after a short time you and your partner will merge in a violent orgasm.



2. Sexual calendar on vacation.

Let's say you went on vacation with a Russian beauty from the agency "Russian Escort Club" for a week or more. Come up with your sexual calendar with elite escorts, in which every day you will make a new position for a variety of intimate games. Each day practice a new position, for example, on Monday elite escorts will feel in the "horsewoman" position, and on Tuesday - will enjoy the "helicopter" position. This position means that a man standing up puts an elite girl on his dick and slowly unwinds her. It is worth a try, because it will be fun. And what is interesting, every night you will be in anticipation of a new pose. After all, everything should be fair and on the sexual calendar!

3. the game of BDSM.

What it is advisable to practice with elite girl escorts to spice up the experience is not only new positions, but also BDSM games. For beginners it is best to start the game with binding. A novice domina should tie her faithful slave (man) and tie him to the bed. And on top, of course, saddle him up and have sex with him. Such a game brings pleasure to the two partners only if the couple starts to play it by mutual consent. And be sure to think of a cherished word-prohibition, which will stop the game in time if something goes wrong. Attributes and full ammunition for sex can be purchased in a sex shop. But for tying up your hands, a woman's pantyhose, a necktie or a belt may also be suitable.


4: The game of wishing.

Do you like to make wishes? And make them come true? Then show your imagination and come up with a list with sexy names. For the game it is better to buy dice for adults in a sex shop. Now make a list of your desires by the number of points on them. All desires should be with sexual overtones and point to those actions that just have to perform. On the list include the following actions: kissing your nipples, licking your dick, stroking your vagina, massaging your anus. Do not be shy in their desires, because that is the meaning of sexual play.

Come up with hot games and feel the pleasure of sexual mischief under the power of those partners who are opposed to the boring and banal sex. So be bold and do not stop at the practical exercises of the day! It's all in the hands and lips of elite girl escorts!