How to spend an evening in Paris with Russian Escorts?

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Paris. This city is very cheerful and romantic, with a lively enthusiasm! For tourists and new residents alike, Paris has a lot to offer. So if you find yourself in this beautiful city, we suggest you take a Russian escort girl and go sightseeing.

Eiffel Tower. Whoever said what, but it is the national treasure of France, and really worth looking at. What makes hundreds of thousands of people fall in love with Paris. The Tower of Paris is a majestic structure 300 metres high, which is about 100 storeys. And in the evening the tower lights up brightly. It's visible from other buildings and from miles away. It's a magnificent sight!

2. the Louvre is one of the world's largest museums. It displays the Mona Lisa, has a rich Greek and Egyptian collection, and houses Italian art. If you wish you can visit the apartments of the last Emperor of France, Napoleon 3. It's a place that has also become a symbol of Paris, where you can learn a lot about the history of France and other countries.






3. Disneyland. You cannot miss the only Disneyland in Europe. In fact, it is a whole 2 amusement parks. In addition to the rides, Disneyland characters, fireworks and more await you. Adults will return to their childhood and children will be transported to the fairytale of their most cherished dream - to find themselves in the world of their favourite cartoons.

4. Champs-Elysées. The French consider it the most beautiful field in the world. After all, the most luxurious boutiques and hotels are located here, the presidential palace is hidden in the park and the Arc de Triomphe crowns the field.

5. Arc de Triomphe. The Arch was built to commemorate Napoleon's achievements, but it is not complete. It is said to offer one of the most remarkable views of Paris.








6. Versailles. This is the residence of French kings and one of the most beautiful palaces and gardens in the world. In the evening there is a light and music show of fountains. Therefore, it is simply unacceptable for tourists to pass by.

7. Grand Opera. The famous Parisian theatre, on the stage of which every classical performer dreams to perform. The theatre is covered in gold and this attracts its visitors because it looks very mysterious and enigmatic.

8. The Luxembourg Garden. This is one of the most beautiful parks in Paris. The chestnut alleys, the fountains, the Luxembourg Palace give the park a special charm. Without visiting this garden, you'll miss a lot!

It's impossible to get bored in Paris, because it's full of secrets that everyone who goes there is obliged to discover. As for Russian escorts in Paris, you just need to contact our manager and choose a model to travel with.