Pickup rules for guys or how to seduce Russian girls?

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In the agency "Russian Escort Club" you can order high class girls from escort, it is usually used by business men who have no time and earn enough. But what if you are young and you don't have money for exclusive models from escorts and you are not ready to spend on cheap prostitutes? In this article we will tell how to seduce the Russian beauties do not have a large pocket full of cash:









The ideology of the art of seducing women has been formed for centuries. Competing in wit and ingenuity, trying to attract attention to themselves, men have come up with thousands of graceful ways and phrases that can touch a russian girl's heart.

The most famous pick-up artist is considered to be Giacomo Casanova, who lived in the 18th century and was very popular among women. This romantic adventurer made not less than three novels a year, without knowing the rejection of the fair sex.

Despite the windy image that Casanova created in life, not one of his mistresses had claims against him after his separation. And according to his memoirs and diaries, he had 122 mistresses.

The knights of the Middle Ages and the Age of Enlightenment are in the distant past. Modern guys are not too eager to get wrapped up, preferring sex without commitment. To get acquainted simply, beautifully, brightly and elegantly, you need to understand where and when it is appropriate to apply your pickup knowledge.







The 5 basic rules of pickup

When hundreds of templates for all occasions are learned, and the hunter is ready to hunt, it's time to apply the basic baggage of knowledge and go for the deserved trophy.

  1. Regardless of whether the first phrase is serious or fun, it should look natural. Nonchalance is a guarantee of success.
  2. Confidence is the state of mind that leaves no doubt about the outcome. Determination of actions - this is a positive factor, which pleases young ladies.
  3. The ability to speak on different topics. Any person is pleased to meet a like-minded person, but even when the conversation touched on an unfamiliar aspect, you should not be lost. It is necessary to show interest: "I've always been interested...", and then pick up the right question. This approach promotes a dialogue.
  4. A useful function is the ability to understand by facial expressions and gestures the location of the interlocutor. The subconscious is difficult to deceive. According to a Russian girl's behavior, poses, movements, you can read the mood and adjust further tactics.
  5. Never touch the subject of commitment and make false promises. The guy consciously shortens the distance between acquaintance and sex, but the responsibility lies on both partners. After all, there is no coercion.









Individual approach.

No matter how many boilerplate phrases a pickup artist has learned, it's not a picklock. Each Russian girl is special: relaxed or reserved, smart or mediocre, quick or thoughtful. Value will play the mood in which the girl is at the moment. However, there are chips that work for everyone, and yet look natural.

  • It is rare to meet a man who has no sense of humor at all. A picker should always have a couple or three funny stories ready. It is important that the stories were not vulgar and not long. The new acquaintance will definitely be remembered by the Russian girl if he manages to make her laugh.
  • Compliments made as if by accident work well. For example, if a cat ran up to the Russian girl, you could say, "Animals feel positive energy from someone and are drawn to such people. Maybe she counted something quickly, you can be surprised: "They say who has a mathematical mindset has no problems with logic". A compliment will not be direct, but the girl will be pleased.
  • Light touch is the key to rapprochement. It is better that it was a casual tactile contact: give you a hand, embracing, letting you go forward, fixing an element of clothing, for example, the collar.




  • All pickpockets ask for a girl's phone number and then go into standby mode. However, do not be surprised if in 5 days the girl can not remember who she gave her number to. Yes, for some people even days is a lot. But you can try to start over.
  • Men who use seduction techniques need to remember that the modern woman is not a stupid doll. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity have as many of their own tricks and techniques in their arsenal, which can be not only sophisticated, but also cruel.





Although the purpose of the dating pickup is clear, sex without commitment is not prosecuted by law, and many young ladies like it, under any circumstances should remain human.