Elite escorts or cheap prostitutes: how are girls from the agency better than moths in Dubai

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Elite escort is a pleasant accompaniment. Business meetings and negotiations, social events, conversations about art or world events... Russian TOP level girls know how to hold their status in decent society, create the right associations and maintain the client's image. Elite escort agency in Dubai «Russian Escort Club» offers girls who can provide intimate services, but the main task for them is a variety of men's leisure time and interesting communication.

Who can work in a VIP escort

There are many requirements for elite escort girls. She must look status-oriented, be educated, literate, well-read. Not every girl passes the elite escort selection, but only one out of ten willing escorts.

Such representatives of the female half of humanity have an ideal figure, without flaws, a pleasant, not vulgar make-up. Against the background of individual girls with hair extensions and pumped up lips, the VIP girls stand out with their natural cute appearance. 

Elite Russian escort girl is a good conversationalist who understands history, literature, psychology. Without a broad outlook and developed erudition, the lady has no chance to work in an elite escort agency in Dubai "Russian Escort Club". And all of them are from good and prosperous families, they study at a prestigious university or work in a famous company, sing on stage or star in a movie.




Why do you need elite escorts?

A well-to-do and socially respected man does not need call girls in Dubai. A smart and charming elite companion is who is a priority. VIP girls get good money for their services and invest most of their earnings in themselves. Perfect appearance, competent speech and the ability to maintain a dialogue on any topic - this is what a modern Russian escort girl looks like.

An intimate relationship between the companion and the client is not forbidden, but it is not the main purpose of the service, as in prostitution. If adults are sympathetic to each other, sex is their choice. In that case, intimacy is natural and it is impossible to forbid it.

Russian escorts in Dubai are many times more expensive than any prostitution. The full amount for the day depends on the desire of the partner, who can pay not only to stay close to the girl, but also her expenses. 

Elite escort and prostitution are far from the same thing. Brothels offer nothing but the opportunity to indulge in carnal pleasures with a vulgar stranger. Elite escorts offer girls capable of beautifying a man and endearing him to those around him. The premium establishment takes care of its "wards" and does not throw them to the mercy of fate, like the puttanas.










How are girls from elite escorts better than prostitutes?

Businessmen and all prosperous people have long used the services of escorts, with whom, unlike prostitutes, do not disdain to appear in public. Beautiful but empty prostitutes are ashamed to leave even the hotel room, but the girls from the elite escort agency in Dubai can easily attend the high society receptions and business meetings.








What is a VIP escort and what is not a cheap lady of love:


Elite girls not only keep a neat appearance, but also take care of their health. They devote a lot of time to sports, prefer a healthy diet, are the owners of beautiful snow-white teeth and shiny curls.


The lady can maintain a conversation on various topics - from the world economy to philosophical works of Kant, has aristocratic manners, knows business and interpersonal etiquette. Escorts quickly find common language with different people.


Almost all the girls are or have already received a higher education. In addition, they are interested in events in the world political arena and know several foreign languages.










Sexual Experience

Sex with a prostitute is a simple satisfaction of a man's lust, but intimate services from a girl from an elite escort agency in Dubai is a pleasant addition to good company for the evening. 

The street prostitutes often have problems with drugs, are connected to the criminal world and even became such out of despair. Young and ambitious, healthy girls with no bad habits go to the elite escorts purposefully, usually for the beautiful luxurious life. Such men do not spare money and are ready to spend the whole vacation with them. So if you are going to Dubai we suggest you to take one of our models for a weekend, for this explore our travel-escorts section.