How to make a better encounter with Russian escort girls?

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A woman's body is a strange thing, but damn attractive. And in the face of this beauty, a man still mentally asks himself a huge number of intimate questions. If everything is clear with the stronger sex, then the Russian escort girls are different. That's why any man will have a billion questions in his head that he wants to ask. For example, why they do not have the ability to experience multiple orgasms, while women, on the contrary, are predisposed to such a miracle of the world.





To understand the psychology in sex and to have truly unforgettable meetings with Russian escort girls from our escort agency, we will consider this topic:

  • Multiple orgasms. And the first thing worth mentioning is the number of orgasms that Russian escort girls experience during intercourse. Believe me, every man at least once in his life thinks about the fact that life has unfairly disposed of its "generous" plans, rewarding a woman to get pleasure one after another without a break, and a man - threw in a limit to one time (and then not the fact that everything will work out!). Such a "mistake" begins to embarrass young men and lead them to utter bewilderment, how could it be? In fact, a property of the female body cannot be explained. After all, someone can experience multiple orgasms one after the other, and someone, on the contrary, is satisfied with the fact that he had only one and no more. So, something men still did not take into account: whether women agree to have orgasms repeatedly.

  • Faking an orgasm. If it is not so easy for men to play the role of a man who has had pleasure, as everything will be seen by the completed stage and the white fluid from their genitals, then the Russian escort girls to do such a thing is easy. So, believe me, every young man has had this thought, "isn't she faking it, since she screams so loudly during sex?" And before you ask such a question to yourself, it is better to first pay your attention to the feelings of a gorgeous companion during intercourse, and only then think about whether there is a game here. Imitating an orgasm is not the most pleasant sight, but a Russian girl will never fake it if she were happy with her client, right?


  • How does it feel to have a foreign organ moving inside you? It's a strange question to ask a man as well - what does it feel like to have another organ moving around in you? In fact, the sensations are inexpressible, since it is in the female vagina that the maximum number of nerve endings are located, which feel everything, every tug, every excitement without movement. But men, for some reason, very often think that their sensations and perceptions are fundamentally different from what women can feel. Maybe that's why there is such a strange and incorrect question about what's inside of you.

  • Russian girls' thoughts at the moment of sex. Every man thinks about what kind of thoughts Russian escort beauties have during intercourse. "Doesn't she think that my dignity is too small?", "What if she thinks that it would all be over soon?", "She has some strange and discontented look, maybe she is tired?". Believe me, the head man visits the questions of different nature, but they all mean only one thing: he is concerned about what you're thinking. But you do not need to talk about what is sitting in your head, let it remain a mystery to him.

  • How do I look from the outside? Those men who are not indifferent to their appearance will always be puzzled by how they look from the outside in a doggy style position or something exotic. Actually, it's quite difficult to focus women's attention on whether a man is handsome or not during sex, because the whole focus goes on pleasure and getting it. But some young men are very much puzzled about how they look in the here and now.

  • Do Russian girls have sexual fantasies. Here's another fairly common question a man asks himself during intercourse. In each of the gorgeous Russian girls sits a part of the vulgar beauty, which then the case and dreams of the craziest case, which has been spinning in the head for how many months, as soon as possible, to become a reality. That's why the questions about whether a woman has intimate sex fantasies, will always arise in the mind of a man. A young man kind of subconsciously already asks you one as soon as he starts kissing you and undressing you - all that's left is to voice it out loud.


  • Vaginal orgasm, anal orgasm, clitoral orgasm. It's no secret to the male sex that women are capable of experiencing all the delights of pleasure. But they still can't get over the fact that they themselves can only experience one type of orgasm, while girls tend to feel three different "flavors". This is where the age-old question that's on everyone's mind comes up: "It's not fair. Why can't I and she can? What is the heavenly sensation of an anal orgasm? How is clitoral different from vaginal?" Girls, it's best to keep quiet about what emotions you're experiencing.

Men will have a million more questions about what a woman feels and feels during intercourse. In general, such topics of an intimate nature do not go unnoticed. Now you know more information about sex with Russian girls, all that is left is to check it all out in practice, contact the manager of the agency "Russian Escort Club" and he will help you choose the best escort models for your vacation.