How to spend your vacation with Russian escorts in Monaco?

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The amazing Monaco is a small country that is like an oasis drowning in greenery. It is a beautiful place with its own character, and there are enough places for tourism. the richest people from all over the planet come here, actors, bankers, players, and of course Monaco attracts the best Russian girls here.

Interesting things about Monaco

  • It is a very small but densely populated principality, from the Greek, the name of which translates as "Single House".
  • Of the 33,000 people who live here, only 10 are Monegasque (indigenous).
  • People do not pay taxes on income to the state treasury.
  • Through the city's streets runs the famous Formula 1 circuit.

The best hotels in Monaco:

  • Appartment Monaco Les Agaves
  • Monte Carlo Center
  • Boulevard du Tenao Appartment.
  • Apartment Port Hercule
  • Apartment Montercarlo near Casino




  1. The Princely Collection of vintage cars (originally Collection de Voitures Anciennes de S.A.S. le Prince de Monaco) - retro cars from all over Europe are collected here. The cost of the ticket: for adults - 6.5 euros, for children and students - 3 euros. You can see the cars any day from 10 am to 6 pm.
  2. Monaco Cathedral (in the original - La cathédrale de Monaco) - this cathedral, the pride of Monaco. The cathedral is open from 8 am to 7 pm.
  3. The Alley of Sculptures (original: Chemin des Sculptures). You can get to the Alley of Sculptures by city bus number 1 or 2. The stop is Chemin des Sculptures.
  4. Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium (original Musée océanographique de Monaco et Aquarium). The ticket price for adults is 14 euros, for children 7 euros. You can get on the city bus number 1 or 2.
  5. Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology (in the original Musee Anthropologie Prehistorique). It is open from 9 am to 5 pm. Tickets cost 7.20 euros for adults and 3.80 euros for children and students.





Leisure time in Monaco

Once in Monaco with Russian escorts first thing you need to visit the Casino of Monte Carlo. Entrance is free to everyone, the main thing is to observe the dress code.

If you are a fan of speed and drive then in May for you is held the Grand Prix of Monaco Formula 1 - without it Monaco would not be itself. It is the most prestigious race in Formula 1. The length of the track laid through the city streets reaches more than 250 kilometers. Ticket prices range from 45 to 10 000 euros.

Other significant events where you can relax with Russian escorts:

  • International Circus Festival (January).
  • Open International Tennis Championships (April)
  • Magician's Festival (March)
  • September Rendezvous" (September)
  • Organization of the Red Cross Charity Show (July)
  • International Rare Breed Dog Show (April)
  • Monte Carlo Rally (January)
  • The Ball of Roses (April)


  • Setsubun, Shinto ceremony and making of a big fire (3.02 or 4.02).
  • Hanatoro - A national holiday. The city is decorated with flowers and lights (14.03 - 23.03 and 14.12 - 23.12).
  • The Cherry Blossom Festival (from 1 April to 15 April depending on the weather). Various events are held in honor of the blossoms, although it is beautiful to admire the cherry blossoms without them.
  • Aoi Matsuri - a parade from the Imperial Palace to Kamigamo Shrine (15.05).
  • Gion Matsuri - the most popular holiday in the country (17.07).


  • Fontvieille Shopping Center
  • Métropole Shopping Center

The most suitable area for shopping is Kawaramachi Dori. If you want to buy authentic Japanese art, go to Shinmonzen Dori.

The largest shopping centers in the city are JR Kyoto Isetan and Kyoto Handicraft Center.