Who is better Russian Escort girls or European girls?

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Most rich men prefer to see beautiful, well-groomed and young girls next to them, who can not only add to a man's solidity, but also entertain him at any event. Elite escort girls with experience in this business cope with this task. All the girls are unique and have their own characteristics, talents and various external data. Only by comparing the pros and cons of hiring European and Russian models, you can understand which girl you need as an escort.  







Comparison of Russian and European escort girls

Russian beauties are the epitome of beauty and grace! The ladies have a unique figure, a beautiful manner of speech, a unique appearance and a variety of talents in science and art. The girls of the Russian escorts have the following merits:

  • Charm. Any model charms her interlocutor with flattering phrases, a unique gait, a brilliant smile and interesting conversations. Such a girl can be boasted in any company, while other men will let envious glances in your direction. A model can help to make new acquaintances, draw attention to your person and pass the time in the evening.
  • Figure. Most Russian girls have a pear-shaped figure, which many men like, as a lush bust and pumped up butt always looks very attractive.
  • Not high demands. Unlike European girls, Russian beauties do not put too high a price tag for their services, and expensive gifts are not begging, so they are most often hired to spend joint leisure time and maintain a romantic relationship.  ​



  • Skills. Models are multifaceted individuals who have a variety of hobbies and interests. Some can play musical instruments and sing in a beautiful voice, others are good at politics or sports, know several languages or are able to find a compromise with anyone. In some cases, an interlocutor with a tongue-in-cheek can help build relationships with partners from other organizations.
  • Style. Girls, despite the weather conditions, always dress tastefully. Even in winter they wear dresses with a wide neckline and high-heeled shoes to parties. No supermodel escort will wear old rags, bad jeans and other things that will cause an ambiguous reaction from the people around them.
  • Attention to detail. If you will be in a situation where you need help or improvisation from your hired choice, the girl will help with problems, support the dialogue and present you in the best light. The models are responsible for their work and do not make gross mistakes that could negatively affect your reputation.


European girls are diverse individuals with a sexy figure, cute face and high intelligence.  


  • Have a good command of foreign languages;
  • Are interesting conversationalists;
  • In most cases have a slender build;
  • They can easily be persuaded into an intimate relationship for a price;
  • have an attractive appearance;
  • do not have inferiority complexes;
  • carry out the assigned tasks;
  • tolerate alcohol well.

They also have disadvantages:

Conflictuality. At the breakdown of a personal relationship arrange scandals. Vengeful girls can tell your wife or close colleagues about the affair, thereby ruining your reputation.

Higher demands. The girl demands a high fee for their services, prefer expensive gifts from famous brands, the value of which is not less than $ 1000.

Incorrectness. In some cases, models can be rude to the client if they didn't like something in a man or his behavior. 

Not matching in real life than in the photo. 











Every model has positive and negative personality traits. In hihg class escort agency "Russian Escort Club" is the best escort service, so all escort girls are competent girls who do their job perfectly in accordance with the customer's wishes.