luxurious Dubai, the main attractions of the city

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It is a city that exudes style and wealth, where ultra-modern skyscrapers meet centuries-old traditions, where beaches are white and sandy. Where rich men and the most beautiful girls are attracted. RUSSIAN ESCORT CLUB will help you choose a stunning escort companion to Dubai, and now we will give you a brief overview of this wonderful city in the UAE.












Dubai in United Arab Emirates (UAE) is also the gateway to the world.

Anyone who has been to Dubai knows that it is a city where people like to do something big. Its famous Burj al-Arab was the world's first seven-star hotel, while the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is located there. It rises majestically against a backdrop of luxury hotels, golf courses, shopping malls, designer boutiques and 21st century gourmet restaurants.









The roads in the Emirate of Dubai are straight, as if they were ruled and hot as if they were an oven. The eastern part of the land is bounded by bare cliffs, while the southern part goes into the infinity of sand dunes. From the desert, there's only one road to the Persian Gulf. In the north-western part, in the shimmering haze you can see unusual shadows, which in some ways resemble large shells, or resemble the pyramids or tower of Babel. What could it be, a mirage? And as you approach them, magical visions turn out to be as hard as concrete, steel and glass. Many thousands of hired laborers on a desert stretch of 80 kilometers of coastline have built more than one hundred buildings in avant-garde style. There are twin towers in the form of a barrel Twin Towers, shopping centers in the form of pyramids, hotel towers with curved facades reminiscent of sails. 

Part of the area occupied by the United Arab Emirates, which is twice the size of Luxembourg, in time will be turned into one of the most modern cities in the world, it is the will of the rulers of the Al Maktoum Dynasty. Dubai, with its international trade centre, one of the largest cargo ports and a very efficient airport, is already the most important regional trade centre.


These blue dreams became a reality in 1966, when a fountain of blackish mud swamped from the sea near Dubai. Successful drilling helped the Emirate to become a member of the club of oil-producing countries within one night. Today, daily production is about 2 million barrels, and a river of petrodollars flows to the state treasury. Sheikh Rashid bin Zayed Al Maktoum, who ruled until 1990, ordered the division of this wealth among his tribesmen, the number of 200,000 natives of Dubai. Now these Bedouin descendants are not in distress. Everyone has a luxurious villa with at least 600 Mercedes or Lamborghini Supercars in front of their gates.




But the old sheik was very concerned about the engineers' calculations, which suggested that Dubai's oil reserves might run out by 2025. So that the sheikh's grandson could also benefit from the blessings of Allah, he began investing many billions in huge projects that should guarantee super profits when the Dubai oil field is sucked to the last drop. Tourist business is thriving in the country. A modern terminal is being built for wealthy guests, from where they can be poisoned on cruises around the world. And from the international airport, pale Europeans are transported continuously during the winter months by transport. More than 250 luxury hotels will offer rooms ranging in size from 60 to 600m². The star of the many luxury hotels is the Burj El Arab. It is a seven-star hotel-tower, which looks like a wind-inflated sail, the height of which is 321 meters. Tourists can also enjoy the beautiful view from the Jumeirah Hotel, which has been built in an ocean wave shape. But the unreachable peak of comfort for visitors to relax is currently under construction.






Around 600,000 workers coming from Pakistan must pile 90 million m³ of stones and sand into the Persian Gulf to create artificial islands that will have a marina, exclusive apartments and gourmet restaurants. But today there are more than 300 luxury apartments and about 1,000 villas available for sale, which will be located on the islands washed by sea waters. The smallest price for such a pleasure is 500 thousand euros.

But far from glitz and glamour, there is another side of Dubai - and it is waiting to be explored.








Khor Dubai

The urban life of Khor Dubai allows you to see the horizon from a different perspective. Swim across the sea sleeve in a traditional Abra wood boat. The journey from Deira to Bur Dubai costs less than $10 and you'll witness the performance of old and new Dubai as you sail past traditional houses, towers and minarets.


Here you will find everything from fragrant spices, colourful silks and fabrics to handicraft items and gold. Take a journey through time to the heart of old Dubai, where these bustling markets will awaken your senses. Trade with local traders and make profitable deals.

Kite Beach

Enjoy the sand on Kite Beach, known as Dubai's sports beach and a favorite among kitesurfers. Here you can go beach volleyball, freestyle or kayaking. There is also a skatepark, trampoline and children's area, so the beach is ideal for families.

Cultural Communication Centre Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid

The renovated wind tower house is a place where you can get acquainted with local culture and customs. The Heritage Centre, located just two minutes walk from the historic Al Faheedy district, offers delicious traditional dishes on certain days. It is ideal for those looking for a genuine piece of Emirate life.

Dubai parks and resorts

You'll have a wonderful family day - just an hour from the city. Attractions include Motiongate Dubai where you can see cartoon characters such as Shrek, Madagascar, Hunger Games and How to Tame the Dragon; and Legoland Dubai Resort and Bollywood Parks Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

Discover the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, in the heart of Dubai, where you can admire views from two viewing platforms. Architect Adrian Smith was inspired by the Spider Lily, a desert flower. At his base you will find Dubai Mall, the world's largest shopping mall and the perfect place for families. There's also the stunning Dubai Fountain with its mesmerizing jets of water, music and light. There are shows throughout the day, including one at midnight.







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