All Europe is filled with Russian escort models

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Russia has some of the most beautiful girls in the world. It is not surprising that a VIP escort a priori implies the services of the escort of Russian escort models. Few of the European beauties can compare with Russian models. Our girls are appreciated in Europe, the demand for their services is high in the USA and the UAE too. Slavic appearance is not go out of fashion and timeless.







How and where do Russian models work?

The geography of the VIP escort is almost unlimited. Hot girls from Russia are welcomed in Europe with great pleasure. The local elite considers it honorable to appear arm in arm with a Slavic beauty, especially if she speaks fluent English. The girls are invited for a VIP escort to Paris and London. The clients are mainly medical luminaries, businessmen, famous lawyers. They are looking for models to accompany them:

  • at social events;
  • presentations;
  • for business visits;
  • boring vacations.

In Europe, the countries are record holders for VIP escorts with Russian girls - Monaco, Switzerland, France. Status gentlemen consider it a good form to invite a Russian sexy travel companion, pay for the flight and accommodation in addition to the cost of services.

The Escort list of girls is also especially popular in the United Arab Emirates. VIP escort among Arab sheikhs is associated with Russian beauties. They buy tickets, pay for accommodation, pay generously for escort services, and give gifts.










What about the girls?

Girls know that rich clients are their real chance for a comfortable life, useful contacts, and popularity. They are ready to meet anywhere in the world if they are well paid. No one considers it shameful to accompany the top manager of an oil company, brighten up the deputy's weekend, and have dinner with the owner of a gas station chain several times. Stable high earnings, meetings in luxury restaurants, and fashionable branded outfits motivate girls to expand the scope of VIP escort services.










Elite service – the achievement of the rich

Slavic beauties are in demand in the world of successful businessmen as a VIP escort during a variety of business trips in Europe, as they create an aura around a man with the necessary level of comfort, calmness, and respectability. The level of the status of Premium class services is the property of exclusively accomplished and successful individuals.

You can see the escort list of girls on the presented photos of our service. The photo shows charming maidens who exist and are waiting for the client's approval. The process is carried out by the method of selecting several photos from the Portfolio of beauties, after which a selection can be made by video. Yes, every beautiful girl's portfolio contains not only photos but videos. The video presents the model's grace and ability to behave in society. Provided that the recording does not reflect the necessary information about the candidacy, a new video may be filmed at the request of the client.

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