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Reaching a certain level of success, men, as a rule, begin to take a very responsible attitude to the choice of a companion to attend a particular event. It is here that travel escort agency from Kiev Ukraine «RUSCLUB» will help.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, much more is required from travel escort girls accompanying a respectable person than just a pretty face. Contrary to the ideal imposed by Western cinema, it is not enough to learn how to use cutlery correctly in order to shine in society, and that is why many wealthy men who know how to value their success turn to international travel escorts.









What kind of Kiev girls can be?




The escort models and Kiev girls, whom the escort agency organizes, are the women of the better half of humanity who have passed the most rigorous and careful selection. Attention is paid to literally everything: height, age, level of erudition, professional competence, not to mention such an obvious aspect as external data.

If you need to find travel girls escort, here, in the gallery of models, you will see the girls not just as good at the inside, but the inside is perfect as well. All models have higher education, many speak foreign languages ​​and have special skills, devote time to interesting, and sometimes extreme hobbies like equestrian sports or hunting.

We are well aware that next to a successful man, a young girl will look most impressive, whose natural charm, however, is not inferior to the level of upbringing and the ability to show herself even in the highest society. Many models, despite the fact that they are not yet 25, already have a sports career behind them, are professionally engaged in dancing, and even gained media fame.





Elite escort means expensive?




Of course, not everyone can afford a "membership in the club" of an elite escort, only one "initial payment" that gives a man access to the agency's closed photo base will cost you. However, all our partners, who are ready to confirm their trustworthiness in this way, already have a solid life experience behind them, and certainly understand that they are not paying for the opportunity to view exclusive photos.

Moreover, starting cooperation, the agency guarantees complete confidentiality of dating not only to models but also to men who are looking for meetings with them. When organizing a meeting, we take responsibility and make every effort to make it pleasant for both parties, and perhaps even truly unforgettable.