6 luxurious spa hotels in the world where you can go to travel with Russian escort girls.

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All Russian girls want to lead a fabulously luxurious life - fly on private jets, relax in prestigious foreign resorts. There's no getting around it here without rich men. The choice falls on the way to a premium escort agency "Russian Escort Club" That is why you are on the best escort site that would choose a Russian girl for travel, and if you do not know where to go, in this article we will tell you about the most luxurious SPA-hotels of the world.

1. USA.   

The Kenwood Inn & Spa

In California on the grounds of the famous Moon Valley winery is a unique place where you can both taste and bathe in wine! The historic villa provides everything you need to do just that. Here one can take a bath with grape extracts or a bath with special bentonite clay, which is designed to purify wine. The most popular and highly effective facial treatment is masks with extracts of miraculous grape seeds. The resort is ranked among the top ten spas worldwide and does such extraordinary wine therapy.

You can take a tour around the winery on a miniature train, which makes stops to feed deer and squirrels. A wine tasting is a must. There is a demonstration on how wine is made. It takes one day to visit a dozen wineries. This is one of the best places in the world to go with Russian escorts and spend a quiet, romantic holiday.


2. Costa Rica. 

Tabacon hot spring resort and spa

This spa complex is unique in that the medical team includes a shaman. The highlight of the hotel is steam bath with medicinal herbs, during which a shaman-temaskal sings and meditates. A simpler version of the spa treatment uses mineral-rich volcanic lava.

Nearby is the frequently erupting Arenal volcano. Almost every night there is an incredible spectacle of lava flowing down the mountain. Only in the summer months, during the rainy season, do clouds conceal the crater. On a clear day, you can take a walk up the slope of the volcano and enjoy the spectacular sight of the natural giant as well as encountering inquisitive monkeys and poisonous frogs. The hotel also offers an unconventional adventure, the Kanopi Tour. It involves navigating through trees with special equipment. Costa Rica is best suited for the active, as all roads lead to a realm of wildlife, relict forests, rumbling waterfalls, and misty lakes. Rest assured you'll need a lot of energy in Costa Rica.







The Assawan Spa&Health Hotel

A chic hotel, with treatment rooms overlooking almost all of Dubai. Luxury and opulence are found in everything here. SPA procedures are performed on a strictly individual basis, as the country is a Muslim country, men and women have separate halls. For men with Russian escorts there are shared halls.

Near the hotel there is an artisan quarter; here they sell aromatic spices, various handicrafts and souvenirs. The famous Mall of the Emirates not only has plenty of big and small shops, but also a ski centre.




4. Morocco  

Hotel Sultana SPA, Marrakech. This is not just a spa, but a real palace. In addition to a wonderful hammam, jacuzzi and various saunas, guests are offered balneotherapy sessions, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, self-heating algae and mud treatments. The spa menu includes procedures that have been practised for 2000 years, as well as the most effective massage techniques, including a water pressure massage.

Close by is Marrakech or the Red City, with its beautiful gardens, splendid palaces and rich markets. The shopping district of Mellach has the largest selection of goods, from rugs to street benches. It's where shopkeepers shop and then sell their wares for 10 times their normal price. The Atlas Mountains are about 2-3 hours from the town and are a great starting point for hiking or safari tours. The town of Essaouira, on the delightful oceanfront, once a pirate haven, also offers an unforgettable holiday. And the town of Oualidia, famous for its oysters and diverse seafood, is home to the spectacular Villa La Diouana, with its European fare and beautiful ocean views, making for a 100% immersion in romance with Russian escorts



5. New Zealand 

Hotel Polynesian SPA Rotorua Along the shores of picturesque Lake Rotorua are mineral springs with the perfect temperature for wellness treatments. There is no shared pool, but each visitor is allotted his or her own private bath with a magnificent view of the lake. Some of the illnesses treated here are serious, such as arthritis. Alternating baths in 36 and 44 degree water help cure this ailment. SPA procedures are offered both wet and dry. The latter include, for instance, honey and lavender scrub or thermal clay from Lake Rotorua.

While in New Zealand, it is certainly worth visiting the traditional Matai Maori village to see life of the ancient Maori tribe with your own eyes. The traditional local dish, hangi, is unusual and very appetizing! The Polynesian Maori tribe is socially active and culturally sensitive. In Rotorua, it's not uncommon to see a Maori warrior in a traditional canoe. The area is also home to a sacred creek, which is visited by local guides. The area has long been regarded as a 'place of strength’.







6. Iceland. 

Blue Lagoon Hotel

The attractively named Blue Lagoon Hotel offers a wide range of skin-tanning programmes. There's flint mud, microscopic algae, and mineral waters - all for rejuvenation. The traditional Icelandic procedure for health is to switch from bath to bath with the water temperature rising from 38 degrees, then 40 degrees, after a couple of minutes to 42 degrees, and if you have enough energy, to 44 degrees, after which you should dare to dive into the pool. Scandinavian massages are wonderfully relaxing and masks will fix the result. Siliceous mud is the main component of cosmetics at this health resort.

The capital of Iceland is a 40-minute drive away. There are regular buses from Reykjavik to Geysir, where there is an amazing geyser which erupts exactly every 5 minutes. Active men with sporty Russian escorts will enjoy a walk on the Skaftafell Glacier or a challenging four-day hike along the beautiful Thorsmork-Landmmannalaugar route. For the more relaxed, the Jokulsarlon iceberg lagoon cruise is perfect.

So, make your mind up: where would you like to travel and with whom, you can choose in the model section.