How to find the G spot point with top class escorts?

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The question of how to find the "G" point of top class escorts has worried and worries many people. Till now there is no unequivocal answer, whether this point actually exists. And if there is - how to use it? And how to stimulate other erogenous points of Russian and Ukrainian girls? Where is the "G" point?

As we know, a woman must have a mystery. In our case this mystery is the location of erogenous points in a girl. The representatives of the stronger sex sometimes spend several hours to find the cherished places.

Relatively recently, scientists have found a win-win for men - the "G" zone. But where to find it - did not say.


  • The G-spot - reality or myth?
  • Who seeks, he will always find.
  • Why search for the "G" point at all?
  • Erogenous zones.
  • Stimulation of the "G" point.
  • How to give a girl maximum pleasure?
  • A couple of cool twists.





G-spot - reality or myth?

The existence of this erogenous point in women is confirmed by many studies of scientists from different countries. Even conducted large-scale experiments involving a large number of volunteers. The "G" point was recognized as real, then it turned out to be a fiction.

A little later, the scientists came to the conclusion that women definitely have the "G" point, but not all of them are active. However, the researchers did not specify how to "turn on" the cherished erogenous zone. It is assumed that a significant impact on the state of the "G" point has the first sexual experience.

If during first sex or masturbation a girl stimulated the clitoris, then this zone will remain sensitive. Otherwise, the front wall of the vagina will remain active. Not the least role here is played by the position and pace of intercourse. Sometimes, using the right technique and stimulating the clitoris, you can "wake up" the "G-spot".







He who seeks, he will always find.

Where is the "G-spot", has long been known. The G-spot is a small area inside a woman's vagina. In everyday life, it does not make itself known. It should be looked for when a girl is aroused. When you press on the area, there are urges to urinate, but they quickly pass and are replaced by pleasure.

In sensitivity and feeling the "G" zone can compete even with the clitoris. Many top class escorts rhythmic stimulation of this zone causes orgasm. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the world today are in demand operations to enlarge the "G" point.

Increasing the volume of the erogenous zone is due to the injection of hyaluronic acid into the vagina. After the procedure, the "G" point increases in size and, as a consequence, orgasms become brighter and more frequent.

The operation is absolutely painless and involves no risks. Hyaluronic acid does not cause allergies and a feeling of discomfort. According to statistics, ladies of "balsamic age" who have not experienced orgasm during sexual intimacy willingly agree to such an operation.

The main problem that is solved during the procedure is that it is easier to find the cherished point. Despite the fact that it is mostly located at a distance of 2 to 5 centimeters inside the vagina, the "G" point of Russian escorts girls can be in another place. To better navigate in such subtleties, it is better to watch the training video, where everything will be laid out in detail.

If even after watching the video you do not know how to find the "G" point of a woman - try to change your approach. The most successful positions for finding the point will be "a girl on top" or "a guy behind. Remember that not all girls can feel pleasure from touching the "G" point. The older a woman is, the weaker is her sensitivity to stimulation of the erogenous zone in the vagina.





Why look for the G-spot at all?

The ultimate goal of sexual intercourse is to achieve sexual release, to have an orgasm. If the body does not release the energy accumulated during foreplay, it leads to negative consequences in the form of headaches, weakness, abdominal cramps, etc.

According to statistics, only 10% of women have orgasms regularly and another 20% experience them irregularly. The remaining 70% either sometimes achieve discharge, or even simulate it. And meanwhile, nature has provided that 100% of women can have orgasms if their partners try hard enough.

The inability to achieve orgasm is often the reason for the breakup of young couples. Not all women and girls can directly tell their partners that they have not reached the highest degree of pleasure. They are simply embarrassed to talk about such things with men or do not want to upset them. Therefore, and often fake orgasm.






Erogenic zones.

The erogenous points of Russian and Ukrainian women are rather various. They are earlobes, neck, breasts, nipples, abdomen, back, thighs. Stimulation of these zones will help a girl to relax and get pleasure. Sometimes even the caresses of the neck or breasts can bring a woman to ecstasy. Scientists have calculated that a woman can have over 15 types of orgasm by stimulating the erogenous zones.

Activation of the "G" zone may become a real discovery for your sexual relations. After all, with the help of a famous point, you can greatly enhance the effect of clitoral, anal, oral and other types of orgasm. And also stimulation of the "G" point allows you to achieve the strongest female orgasm - vaginal.





Stimulation of the "G" point.

Once all the theoretical questions are solved and you understand where the "G" point is located and what role it plays, you can proceed directly to the process. It is silly to start with vaginal stimulation. Top class escort has to tune in to the desired wave and relax, and if you go straight to the "front", you will not get anything out of it. In addition, the girl may be offended, thinking that you wanted to do everything fast.

It is better to start with something easy and pleasant. A good way to relax is to massage the back. Gradually you can go farther and fondle the ass. Then ask the top class escort to spread her legs a little.

Before you start to caress the clitoris and the external genitals, you can apply a special cream, lubricant or other means at the request of the partners. After preparation, start stimulating the clitoris and labia. After such foreplay, you can move on to caressing the "G" point itself.


Gently enter the vagina with one or two fingers - index and middle. You should enter with the palm down. Look for a small roughness on the front wall of the vagina like gooseflesh. If you can't find it yourself, you can ask the girl for a hint.

Having found the ji point at the top class escort, start its stimulation. Stroke the area with one or two fingers. At the same time you can caress the clitoris - this will increase the chances of the girl's orgasm.

How to give top class escort maximum pleasure?

To get the maximum pleasure it is necessary to try stimulation of the "G" point in different positions. For example, a girl lies on her stomach, and the guy behind her between her legs. In such a position, a good choice would be rhythmic sliding of the fingers back and forth and left - right along the front wall of the vagina.

It is possible to try at the same time as stimulating the "G" point, to caress your partner's clitoris with your tongue. Instead of the clitoris, you can pay attention to the nipples or neck. Here everything depends on the inventiveness of the partner and the sexual preferences of the partner.

The top class escort's Grafenberg zone can also be activated directly during sex. To do this, you need to find a suitable position where it is convenient to stimulate the "G" point. For example, it is difficult to stimulate the vagina with fingers or penis in missionary position.

The choice of positions

The optimal option would be the position "girl on top", but not the classic "horsewoman". The partner should kneel facing you. In this case, the penis will rub against the front wall of the vagina.

Another successful solution can be the "guy behind you" position or "girl lying on her back, throwing her legs on the guy's shoulders. This is not as difficult as it sounds. In this case, your efforts will pay off with the stimulation of the "G" point with your partner's penis and a beautiful orgasm.

For a change, you can go to cunnilingus or masturbation after some light foreplay. This will help activate the "G" point. At this stage, it is allowed to use adult toys. After the "G" point is "wound up", all kinds of orgasms of the partner will intensify. And at the end they can culminate in a 30-minute vaginal euphoria.

A couple of twists and turns.

The search for the Grafenberg zone is not always successful. Besides, not all couples understand its significance. So they don't use the erogenous zone at all the way they're supposed to. Here are a few tips for novice seekers of pleasure:

1. Do not get hung up on the search. If you can not find the right place, it is better to spend this time with top class escort.

2. The more regular the sex, the more likely the Russian escort will have an orgasm from the stimulation of the Grafenberg zone.

3. During stimulation of the point, do not forget about kissing and other caresses. A woman needs tactile and emotional contact. You can whisper something in her ear.

4. Do not put too much pressure on the walls of the vagina. Start with slow thrusts and gradually speed up.

5. The point may change its location. The next day you may find it in a different location.

As you can see, the G-spot is by no means a magic pleasure button. Don't get your hopes up too high. You may be disappointed when you find it.