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Dubai is a city with an amazing atmosphere is the attraction of sexy girls from Russia and Ukraine, as well as the richest people from around the world. Where the bright impressions of the nightlife in the company of stunning beauty and grace - that’s what is provided to each of our clients, turning to a specialized local escort service "Russian Escort Club».










Our expertise for your satisfaction

Escort service is exactly the range of necessary services, which will make the life of any successful business gentleman more comfortable and relaxed. Now, thanks to our operational and professional activities, as the leading modeling escort agency, it is acceptable not to get bogged down on the background of a long and exhausting courting for the lady attracted. Seduce and woo our important clients will be our models, who:

  • Trained in the art of subtle flirting;
  • Are familiar with the rules of confidentiality of negotiations;
  • Know the etiquette of a comfortable relationship;
  • Respect the personal space of the client and his precious time;
  • Provide the best GFE;
  • Feel the mood and general mood of their client;
  • Are endowed with extraordinary abilities and skills;
  • Trained in the rules of etiquette and mastery of self-worth in the society of various social strata;
  • Have mastered the art of masterful self-care and the rules of selecting the appropriate image.












Models of our unique escort agency are endowed with a lot of advantages. Thus, the beauty, subtle intelligence, grace and charm of our charming ladies are harmoniously combined with the education and cultural development of each individual. In the model selection you’ll find both young girls and mature escorts, it all depends on your preferences. If you want escorts threesome, it’s also real! Just tell all your desires to our manager and he will help you.











Unlimited pleasure of mutual cooperation

As professionals in the field of specialized escort services in Dubai, we are able to organize and implement the most exigent wishes of our valued clients:

  • Charming and graceful girl model will be happy to be your escort for theatrical performances and other shows;
  • A striking and full-fledged accessory of every man is considered a beautiful diva to accompany him to social events, which regulate the high status of the guests;
  • Dynamic leisure in Dubai is guaranteed in the company of our extraordinary companions, if you plan to go to a sporting event or an active holiday of the country type;
  • Languid and romantic evening in the walls of a fine restaurant or cozy pastime will provide you with our companions who understand the subtleties of soul;
  • Successful business negotiations in the company of a stunningly beautiful and charming interpreter - that’s the best thing for a successful man in any area of life.








We are professionals and represent quality escort services in Dubai. Exclusive escorting in the person of extraordinary and bright individuals will be a very pleasant discovery for you. Our female escorts are able to not only paint your life in bright colors at your leisure in Dubai, but also share and understand all your feelings in a confidential form of empathy. With the local escort agency "Russian Escort Club" you have an excellent opportunity to get a service for the delivery of models from Russia or Ukraine, so you can choose the best of the best sexy beauties, for this purpose, explore our section of the Travel. If you are tired of life and you assume that you can’t get anything new out of this world, then call or write us and get new sensations.